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A View from Page

Hey all. I finally uploaded a picture that I took with my cell phone last year and I think you will all like it. It was taken from my freshmen year dorm room (4th floor Page) and is basically the photo that inspired me to name the blog ‘A View from Page’ last year.

In other news I just got a shiny new camera for my birthday so I will be able to get more pictures up on the blog in the future and I can stop stealing all my friends’ photos. Until next time… I hope you enjoy the pic:

Not bad for a cell phone picture eh?


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Fall Pictures

Hey all. Back on campus and after a busy week of work I am ready for a relaxing weekend. As promised here are some great fall photos taken around campus by my friends Drew and Matt. This is just a small sampling… for many MORE GREAT FALL PHOTOS CLICK HERE:

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Back Home…

Hey all. I am home for a brief period of time before heading back up to Bates tomorrow. It’s really great to have a couple of days off and to relax at home with the family, eat some home-cooked meals, and sleep in my own bed. I even got to go to a NY Ranger game with my dad. They lost unfortunately but it was still nice spending time with my dad and being with my fellow crazy hockey fans.

I have also been doing some significant studying because the week I get back I have a midterm exam in Latin American history (Wednesday), a Spanish presentation on native populations in Argentina (Thursday), and a test on criminal research in Criminology (Friday). Having this nice little October Break has been the perfect way  to relax my mind and prepare for the tough work week ahead.

In my next blog entry I am going to post some pictures taken of campus during October. The campus is absolutely gorgeous right now with everything at peak fall foliage. Be on the look out for those in the next few days. Until next time…

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More Cool Events…

Hey all. More cool events are on the horizon at Bates. After a rocking Girl Talk concert last weekend you would think Bates would not have anything in store for the student body for quite some time. Thankfully, the school understands the need to keep things fresh and is offering two pretty cool events this weekend.

On Friday, comedian Will Marfori will be performing in the Mays Center. He was recently on the LATE LATE SHOW with Craig Ferguson. If this video from when he was on the show is any indication, he should be incredibly entertaining:


On Sunday, former governor of Massachusetts and democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis will be on campus in the Muskie Archives campaigning for Barack Obama. It should be very interesting to see what this former presidential candidate (he ran unsuccessfully in 1988) thinks about the upcoming election.

The entertaining events just keep on coming… Until next time…

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Girl Talk at Bates…

Hey all. Don’t be alarmed… I am not writing about the girl talk that you are probably familiar with. I don’t have much interest in the gossiping that goes on between members of the female sex and the prevalence of it on campus. I’m guessing you most likely would have no interest in hearing about it anyway.

No… I am talking about Girl Talk (Greg Gillis), the musical artist who was on the Bates campus last weekend. I hesitate to call him a musical artist because he doesn’t actually create any of his own music. He samples hundreds of songs from a host of artists and across many genres, mixing the lyrics and beats of multiple songs at once to create a completely new song. In part of one of his more popular songs, he mixes Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Juicy’ with Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’. His ability to mix songs is unrivaled. Although his sampling and mashing of music was called, “a lawsuit waiting to happen” by the New York Times Magazine he has become immensely popular and has performed throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Last Saturday night, Bates students were lucky enough to see him perform right on campus in the Gray Cage (Gray Gymnasium). Thousands of people (many students from other Maine schools made the trip to Bates for the concert) packed in and enjoyed the concert. I can honestly say it was the wildest concert I have ever witnessed. Students mobbed the stage and danced with Girl Talk while he mixed music on his computer and danced with other students. At one point, Girl Talk jumped on to a table, stripping down to his boxers and joined the mass dance party.

It was truly an incredible concert. Just another great event offered by Bates. More concerts are scheduled for the rest of the school year and I can’t wait for them… Until next time…

Read about Girl Talk in the Bates Student here and check out this video of Girl Talk at Bates:


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