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Hey all. I still haven’t had that first short term class yet, but I wanted to share with you a few cool resources for prospective students. With financial and geographic constraints, it’s pretty much impossible to check out every school on your list of potential colleges. So, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog and are interested about learning more about Bates because you haven’t been able to make it to campus, here are a few internet resources that can help you out:

Bates College Vimeo. This site provides lots of videos that portray student life at Bates.

Bates College Youtube account. This site has a few boring videos, but a couple of interesting ones as well.

Bates College Facebook page. I’m sure you’ve all seen this one by now, but it has some cool links and keeps you up to date with Bates news. 

Bates College Life Blog. More blog accounts like mine from other Bates students!

Bates College Twitter. Fun to check this out…

As always, check out the tabs above to see more pictures and videos of Bates life, as well as the links to other helpful Bates College resources. Enjoy!


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