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The calm after the storm…

Hey all. I’m back on campus after a relaxing February break. Bates is beautiful in the winter and after another big snow storm two days ago I took some pictures so you could see how the campus is completely transformed in the winter. Below I posted a couple of the photos but check out more here. Until next time… Enjoy!





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Bates College TV

Hey all. I’m at home enjoying February Break right now but am already looking forward to heading back up to Bates this Sunday. 

Not too much to report since I’m not on campus but check out Bates College TV. I knew Bates had a club that operated a little closed-circuit TV station but not much beyond that… until now. I recently was shown the link to Bates College TV online. You can watch all their broadcasts on the computer. Check out Bates TV here. The club is just getting off the ground so there isn’t too much to watch yet but you can check out News Programs and Bates’ own version of MTV Cribs. Until next time…


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Got to love this…

Hey all. Taking a quick break from studying to tell you a little something about what makes Bates so great. Every day I get dozens of Bates ‘announce’ emails informing me of upcoming happenings on campus. Today I received one that really caught my eye. The email message was titled, “Darwin’s 200th Birthday Party!” and read:

“You’re Invited to a Celebration of Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday!
And the 150th anniversary of the publication of  “On Origins of Species” Darwin
Come honor the father of evolution’s big day on Thursday at 4:10 pm in Carnegie 204 with 
a viewing of “Biography- Charles Darwin Evolution’s Voice (2005)”. Please join us 
following the film for refreshments, cake, and a game of “pin the beak on the finch”. All 
guests will be entered into a raffle for a life size poster of Darwin.”

This event, which is hosted by Helicase, the Bates Biology Club, sounds like the perfect mix of learning and fun. The idea of playing ‘pin the beak on the finch’ also really appeals to me. Only at Bates would one find an event like this that incorporates education with entertainment and good times. I’m still debating whether I will go because of the work I have to do but if I do attend I sure hope I win the life size poster of Darwin. Until next time…


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Busy Week Ahead…

Hey all. This upcoming week is a busy one for most batesies. It is unofficial midterm week at Bates as professors pile on the work before February break (Feb. 14-22). Though I have a lot of work, I am not dreading it terribly. I only have papers to write and, thankfully, no exams to take. In a strange nerdy kind of way, I enjoy writing papers. I am much more anxious when it comes to exams and am certainly not the best test taker.

In any event, I have a paper to write for my Native American History course comparing different tribe interactions with Europeans in the early 1600s, a long paper on native revolts in colonial North America, a paper on ancient Chinese culture, and an in-class essay for English class on post-1900 American writers.

In other news… Bates put on it’s 9th annual production of the ‘Vagina Monologues’ this past week. I wasn’t able to make it but did go last year and it was very well done. Proceeds went to a Health Clinic in Lewiston. Read about it here. Until next time…   

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Puddle Jump!

Hey all. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a little while. I have been a bit busy as of late. This past week I was able to hit the slopes for 3 days of solid skiing. My classes don’t meet on Tuesday and Thursday so I have a lot of freedom to go skiing as long as I get a jump on my work (which I was able to do this week). I have also been busy trying to figure out all my study abroad plans. They Bates Study Abroad Application is due this Friday and I still have some serious work to do on it. I won’t bore you with the details.

Instead here are some great photos from the puddle jump. For those of you who don’t know about the puddle jump, read about it here. This was my first year taking part in the Bates tradition and I have to say, it was totally worth doing. Air temperature was hovering around 20 degrees when I jumped in and I think it goes without saying that the water was absolutely freezing. I think the coldest part was running back to the dorm after jumping in. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if there is any photographic evidence that I jumped in but please take my word for it. Here are some photos I snapped out my window of the event. Enjoy. Until next time…



Check out this video of the jump that I found:

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