Senior week is a time to celebrate (and reevaluate) our Bates experiences

Hey all. I’m about to enter my final week of college. It’s a jam-packed time full of parties, classes, senior events and excessive use of clichés (think: “This is the best time of your life”). As all of us seniors prepare to conclude our time at Bates, one of the last things on our minds is the the future of our college. Most of us are focusing on our own futures and on making the most of our last week as undergraduate students. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, that’s what we all should be doing. At the same time, however, I think it’s important to take a little time to look back at our time at Bates and evaluate our experiences. 

While my experience at Bates has been largely positive, I know that Bates is far from perfect. In my four-year experience, it became clear that the college was lacking certain resources. Thankfully, a group of senior students, along with professors and several members of the administration, have helped propel the college forward with the creation of a fantastic new Campus Support website. The website is the result of a list of demands presented to the administration by a group of students who care deeply for Bates and want it to be on par with other NESCAC schools. Without this student-initiated push and the tireless work of these individuals, this website would not have been created.

The website compiles, for the first time, Bates’ detailed policy approaches on a host of issues, such as sexual assault and hate crimes. The website also lists both on-campus and off-campus resources for victims/survivors of crimes, as well as other important information regarding college support, security resources and how to stay safe on campus.

It’s out of a love for our school and a commitment to making our college a better place that we constantly reevaluate our time here and try to improve Bates for the incoming classes. I’m proud to know that many students were willing to step up to the plate and improve a place that has given us so much. There is more that has to be done, a lot more in fact, to ensure that Bates is an even safer and more accepting place, but I believe that Bates has taken several crucial steps forward and is now on the right path to the future. 


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