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Obama’s Inauguration at Bates…

Hey all. Just a quick little post today. Yesterday’s inauguration was certainly something that I wanted to write about.

I watched the ceremony yesterday with 7 friends in my room on a small TV. I heard that the May Center, which was hosting a viewing party, was turning away students because so many tried to pack into the small space. Check out this article about Bates’ reaction to the historic day and to learn more about the viewing party. More than 300 people packed the Mays Center for the event. There is also a slideshow with the article that you should be sure to take a peek at.

I must say I am proud to be an American today.

Check back later this week for information about Winter Carnival 2009 and possibly some pictures of me jumping into the freezing waters of Lake Andrews for the puddle jump! Until next time…



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MLK Day at Bates…

Hey all. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Today is a very special day on campus as we Batesies celebrate the holiday in our own unique way.

Classes are cancelled every MLK day at Bates so the community can come together to learn and share Dr. King’s ideals of equality and justice through workshops, speeches, concerts, and presentations right here on campus. 

The Bates tradition is better explained in an email sent out to all Bates students that reads, “Bates is unique in suspending classes on the Monday holiday to host presentations all day and evening.  Few colleges do likewise.  This decision and practice is associated with Bates’ long history, since it founding, in justice matters.  Each student here is part of a legacy that has promoted freedom over many decades, especially in times and examples when  some matters [were] not always popular.  The campus coming together to support that legacy, and focus on new and current issues is, fortunately, a part of Bates.

Each year, there is a new theme for the day that revolves around and focuses on equality and justice. This year’s theme is: Inaugurating Change:  Where Do We Go From Here. 

Some highlights of today include a keynote address from Melissa Harris-Lacewell, a professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton University, 21 workshops spread out over 3 time sessions, a concert this evening with “music, dance, theater, and spoken-word pieces” presented by Bates students, and much more. Click here for a complete list of the workshops. For more information on the ‘Inaugurating Change’ theme and on Melissa Harris-Lacewell click here. Click here for a complete schedule of all the day’s events. Click here to learn more about prior MLK holidays at Bates.

I think it is truly special that Bates celebrates this important holiday in such a unique and memorable way. It is nice to have the day off from classes to be able to attend these workshops and other special events to learn more about the world around us outside of the classroom and to get a better understanding and a more thorough appreciation for the principles on which Bates was founded.

Today is a good day to reflect on the history of the United States as well as the future of our nation as President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated tomorrow. 

mlk_flag_opt(Photo courtesy of:

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Back on Campus…

Hey all. I am back on campus after a nice long winter break and have already been pretty busy. I have four new classes (China and its Culture, Colonial North America, Native American History, and American Writers since 1900) and all are interesting in their own ways. Taking 3 history courses and 1 english course means a lot of reading and after a couple days of classes I can already tell that I need to manage my time well or I will be behind on my work before I know it. 

In addition to my four new classes (and all the work that comes with those classes) I joined an IM ice hockey team, skated on the puddle with my roommate Matt, had a staff writers meeting for the school paper and had my first Jazz Band rehearsal of the semester.

My schedule is busy but it is great to be back on campus. Now I should really start doing some of that reading. Until next time…

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Vermont Skiing…

Hey all. Earlier in the week I went with my dad up to Vermont for a little skiing. The conditions weren’t great but the trip was a lot of fun anyway. It certainly got me in the mood for some more skiing this winter up in Maine. Check out the pictures below (notice me trying to smile in the freezing cold).

After a long winter break I am definitely ready to head back to Bates and am looking forward to seeing everybody when I get back. Next time I blog I will be back on campus. Until next time…



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History Nerd…

Hey all. As a history major at Bates and a self-proclaimed history nerd, I was excited when I got the opportunity to go to the New York Historical Society with my mom yesterday. I saw a couple of really cool exhibits including: Grant and Lee in War and Peace, A New President Takes Command: FDR’s First One Hundred Days, Nature and the American Vision: The Hudson River School, and, If Elected: The Game of American Politics. I took a couple of pictures while I was there to give you some idea of what the displays were like.

I leave later today for a 2 day ski trip. I am excited to be hitting the slopes again and Hopefully I can take some good photos while I’m there. Back to Bates 1 week from today! Until next time… enjoy these photos from the NY Historical Society:


From Grant + Lee Exhibit

From Grant + Lee Exhibit


Presidential Campaign Buttons in American Politics Exhibit

Presidential Campaign Buttons in American Politics Exhibit


Nature Painting from Hudson River School Exhibit

Nature Painting from Hudson River School Exhibit

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Happy New Year!

Hey all. Not too much news to report. I’m back to Bates in 10 days and can’t wait.

Happy New Year! I wish all of you a happy and healthy year ahead.


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