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A Thousand Little Moments…

Hey all. Traveling around Europe was a complete adventure. To sum it all up in one short blog post would be impossible. There are some numbers that are simple enough to add up: 7 countries, 11 international border crossings, 31 days of travel, 1 sighting of a b-list celebrity.  But it’s the things that can’t be quantified, grouped, or counted that made the experience memorable.

It was the food: Grilled sardines in Lisbon, chocolate croissants in Paris, bratwurst sausages in Berlin, pasta in Italy… and I can still smell and taste that Spanish paella. It was the people: A friendly hostel-keeper in France who spoke of his time in America before 9-11, two Australian men on a train between Prague and Munich discussing their travels around the world, crazy soccer hooligans… everywhere. It was the unplanned moments: Getting caught in the rain in Prague, a sleepless night on an overnight train to Rome, broken luggage in Florence. It was touching the Berlin Wall, seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, swimming with my girlfriend in the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia. It was late night ice cream in Paris, a picnic in Madrid, World Cup madness in Prague. It was a thousand little moments that made the trip what it was.

To be as cliché as possible, it was a trip of a lifetime. One I will never forget. I couldn’t possibly represent the journey in just a few pictures, but hopefully the ones posted below give you some idea of the places that helped make the trip so unforgettable. Until next time…

(Hanging out in Paris)

(Watching the World Cup in Berlin)

(Florence, Italy)

(Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic)

(San Sebastian, Spain)


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Hey all. Sorry for the extremely long absence but I have finally returned back home after an amazing trip around Europe. I have plenty of pictures and tons of stories to share. But first, I need to sleep. It took me 2 subways, 4 buses (one overnight), one taxi, and 3 flights to make it home. Delays and a missed flight meant it took me a full 48 hours door-to-door.

Anyway, early next week I will begin posting pictures and stories from the trip. I will also start focusing on the upcoming school year. Senior year. Thesis. I am incredibly excited. Until next time…


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