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Pictures, Videos, and Unexpected Dance Parties…

Hey all. Just wanted to give a quick update from my end.

First off, I added more fall pictures of Bates. You can find them by clicking here. Check out even more pictures of campus and from around Maine by clicking on the ‘Pictures from Bates’ tab at the top of the page. 

Secondly, I just updated the ‘Bates Video’ page so check that out, too. There are some a cappella performances from Parents and Family Weekend that I just added, as well as a few other clips. Browse around the Bates Video page! (also found at the tab on the  top of this page)

Third on the agenda, a crazy clip. Check out this video of a flash mob (a random and sudden Batesie dance party) that disrupted lunch a few days ago to raise awareness for, an organization that promotes environmental stewardship. According to the video information: “350 is the parts per million of atmospheric carbon-dioxide we need for a healthy planet.”. Whatever it was promoting, I found it hilarious. I was watching from the mezzanine:

Last but not least, I heard back from my study abroad organization and I got into my program! I will be studying in Seville, Spain second semester (starting after winter break). More information on that soon. Until next time…


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Bates Fall Photos

Hey all. As promised, here are some photos I took of campus last week. Fall is beautiful in Maine. This is just a sampling. Many more will be posted in the ‘Pictures from Bates’ section in the next few days. Check back for more soon. Enjoy!





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Full October…

Hey all. October is here and that means fall is now in full foliage, it is the first full month of classes, the school year’s activities are now in full swing, and my schedule is now… full.

The workload has definitely increased this month. Just this week, I gave a Spanish presentation on Fronteras Compasivias (Humane Borders), a humanitarian organization that provides aid to immigrants who cross the U.S.-Mexican border, had a African geography quiz for my history seminar course, and took a biology test for my Emerging and Re-Emerging infections across the Globe class. I have to finish two books and read some journal articles for my three classes tomorrow… oh, yes, serious work is definitely here.

In other eventful news, Liz Neumark, a blogger for The Huffington Post and a parent of a freshman at Bates, recently blogged about her experience at Parent’s and Family Weekend at Bates. She lauds the Bates Dining Service and is impressed with the school in general. Check out the Huffington Post blog here. Clearly, she is a proud parent. 

Speaking of the Dining Service at Bates, it recently received a national award given by University Business Magaizine. Bates was named one of the ‘Dining Halls of Distinction’ along with three other colleges/universities in the United States. Read about the Bates Dining achievement here.

A busy weekend at Bates kicks off Friday with two movies, a concert, and a dance. Check out Bates’ event schedule here

And one more Bates link… October pictures of the Bates campus.

I will be adding some Bates fall photos of my own soon so be on the lookout… I am off to go do some more work… until next time…

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