Short Term ’08

Here you will find a bunch of photos from short term. There are photos just from around campus and atop Mt. David, from the Outing Club’s Spring Clambake at Popham Beach, and from the fireworks show on campus. ENJOY!

Pictures on campus from Short Term ’08 (Photos taken by Matt Moschitto):

(Sunset from atop Mt. David)

(Me playing baseball on the quad)

(The chapel on campus)

(View from the quad with Coram Library (Left) and Carnegie Science Building (Right) in the Background)

(A view of Hathorn Hall from the quad)

(View of Lewiston from the summit of Mt. David)

(View of Lewiston from the Summit of Mt. David)

Fireworks during Short term ’08 (Photos by Matt Moschitto):


Photos from Popham Beach during the Spring Clambake (Photos by Caroline Barr):