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Bates Update…

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of posts the past week. It has been pretty hectic around here with family coming and going and all the holiday festivities. I hope the holidays have treated you all well.

We have reached the middle point of the winter break. Vacation began about 2 weeks ago and ends in 2 weeks. I am enjoying my time at home but am also getting exciting to return to Bates for second semester. 

No personal Bates stories to report since I’m not on campus but here is some Bates news to keep you up to date with everything going on both on and off the college campus:

Earlier this month there was a banquet held in honor of Olympic Gold medalist Andrew Byrnes (’05). Byrnes is the first Batesie to win an olympic gold medal. Check out my post about it from this past summer here. Read more about the banquet on the Bates website here.

Bates’ Brook Quimby Debate Team came in 16th (out of 85 teams) at an international competition at Cambridge University. 6 Batesies represented the college in the debates. Bates finished 2nd among U.S. colleges. Read more about it here

Until next time…


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Maine or New York?

Hey all. I have been back in NY for almost a week and it has been great. It has been a week of catching. Catching up on sleep and catching up with friends and family. It is really nice to be home but today I feel more like I am back on the Bates campus in Maine.

It has been snowing all day here. There are already 8 inches on the ground and it’s still coming down. Personally, I’m delighted by the snowfall and it makes me want to ski, skate, and enjoy winter. My mom, however,  isn’t a huge fan of snow and she insists not only that the cold winter weather followed me from Maine to NY but that I brought this particularly big snow storm home with me. Oh well. Anyway, here are some pictures of my backyard. Looks more like Maine than NY. Until next time…  



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Bates Videos (NEW PAGE)

Hey all. Just wanted to let you know of a new page on the blog. On the sidebar on the right side of the page you will see a page called ‘Bates Videos’. There you will find video clips of everything Bates. Just a sampling of what the clips show:  Acapella group performances, the puddle jump, special concerts, commencement speeches, Bates building tours (New Commons, New Dorm, etc.). Plus there are videos of seniors who graduated in 2008 speaking about their Bates experiences. These are really helpful if you want to get a better idea of the Bates College experience. New videos will be added frequently. The pictures page on this blog is very helpful in giving you a visual image about what goes on at the school but the videos are a great way to get a better sense of Bates life in motion. Check them out for yourself. Until next time… 

Here’s a nice little sample:

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Early Decision…

Hey all. After taking 2 final exams and completing 3 final papers I am now officially finished with the first semester of my sophomore year. I drove home yesterday and am now ready to enjoy nearly a month-long winter holiday break. As I settle in for a break and begin to unwind, I realize that many of you reading this are not so relaxed. 

I’m not completely sure of all the deadlines but I am assuming that many of you who applied early decision (I) are finding out in a few days or just found out in the last couple days about your acceptance. Also, I am assuming some of you are considering Early Decision II (the deadline in Jan. 1st I believe).

If you are waiting to find out… all I can say is hang in there. I applied early decision and remember how nerve-racking the wait is. It is frustrating too because you feel completely powerless over the process. After all the stress and pressure of the big tests and applications, all you can do is wait and that can be very difficult. I know it is easier said than done, but try your best to just relax and go with the flow. If you get in, congratulations. If you get deferred, hang in there and don’t give up. If you don’t get the acceptance you hoped for, don’t be hard on yourself. There are so many great schools. Bates is a unique place that is very special but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great schools out there.

You might be thinking, “easy for Paul to say all this… he is already settled and happy in school”. Yes, this is true but I was in your shoes not too long ago and understand where you’re coming from. Whatever happens, try to stay positive, patient, and open-minded. I wish all of you the best of luck. Until next time… 

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‘Mao Jacket’ on Bates Campus…

Hey all. Taking a quick break from finals studying to let you know about some very cool art here at Bates.  The Bates College Museum of Art and its director Mark Bessire, spearheaded a project to bring an amazing sculpture here to Bates. The ‘Lagacy Mantle (Mao Jacket)’, created by world-renown Chinese artist Sui Jianguo was brought here early this month and is on loan to Bates for a year. The sculpture is truly incredible. It is made of metal, stands 10 feet high and weighs roughly 4 tons. Bessire, the man who helped bring the statue to campus, said that having the sculpture here is an, “extraordinary opportunity for Bates to have one of the iconic symbols of Chinese contemporary art by one of the most influential artists in the world today”.  

When I first saw the Mao Jacket I had no idea what to think. I snapped some pictures so you can decide for yourself. Also, check out this article from the Bates website. It is much more in depth and has some AWESOME pictures of moving the huge sculpture (from a flatbed truck, through the air between Pettengill and Lane Hall, into its resting spot along Alumni Walk). My pictures can’t really match those taken of the moving process but here they are anyway. Back to studying. Until next time…


(The Jacket in all its glory)


(View of the sculpture looking down Alumni Walk)

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Hey all. Us Batesies get pretty excited about winter weather… well… at least I do anyway. So I decided to update the blog page and make it a bit more festive, as least while it is still the holiday season. Check the sidebar on the left for the ‘Pages’ you normally see along the top banner. 

Keeping with the holiday spirit, I took a break from studying for midterms today to build a gingerbread house with a friend. Below are some pictures. I found it a nice and relaxing way to pull myself away from the books. For now I am admiring the masterpiece (okay maybe it doesn’t look exactly like the picture on the box) but I can’t hold off eating it forever. More snow in the forecast this week… I am getting more excited everyday. While I get back to focusing on finals (I have 2 exams and 3 papers due this coming week) enjoy these pictures of the gingerbread house. Until next time…



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First Snow!

Hey all. We got our first significant snowfall here at Bates on Sunday. It had snowed a few times earlier in the season but we never got any accumulation… until now. Snow makes me think of skiing, skating, and good winter times. As always, Bates looks great with a fresh coat of snow. Check out these pictures I snapped from my window while it was still snowing. Check out the Winter Pictures Page for more winter photos. Until next time…




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