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End of First Year…

I can’t believe my first year at Bates is over. The year was incredible. I met tons of new people, learned more than I could have imagined, and took advantage of as many activities and events as was possible. I can’t wait until next year when the college journey continues. Until then check out my new updatedPictures from Batespage which is now more organized and should be much easier to navigate.

I will continue to blog regularly over the summer so stay tuned. As I explained in my last blog, I will be working at a summer camp about an hour from campus this summer. Bates will still be on the brain and I will try to keep you up to date with my summer adventures and relate them to everything I have learned and experienced at Bates this year.

I have only been home for a few days and although I am missing Bates already it has been great to be back home with my family and hanging out with my high school friends. My mom has been on my case about unpacking all my bags and college stuff but it is tough to motivate myself. Until next time… 

Picture that my mom took of my unpacked bags:


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Short term coming to an end…

Hey all. Can’t believe short term is coming to an end. I will be heading home in 2 days. Short term has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was writing that short term was halfway through. Even though this amazing time is coming to an end I have no regrets. I feel like I took advantage of everything short term had to offer: I went skiing, went to the beach, enjoyed outdoor concerts, took an interesting class, hung out with friends on the quad, went camping, watched fireworks, and relaxed.

I will miss Bates but I am excited to go home and tell all my friends about school. I will be back up in Maine just 3 weeks after I leave to work as a counselor at summer camp about an hour from Bates. It will be nice to be close by Bates and before I know it I will be back on campus. As this incredible year comes to an end I am already looking forward to next year. I guess rather than looking too far ahead I should enjoy my last 2 days. I should really get packing though…

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Spring Clambake!

Hey all. Last Sunday was the BOC’s (Bates Outing Club) annual Spring Clambake. An email advertising the event promised, “a day of surf, sun, and seafood down at beautiful Popham Beach” and that’s exactly what it was. A $7 ticket payed for a lobster, clams, and pretty much all the side dishes and desserts you could eat. It was $3 dollars for a non-seafood ticket with a menu consisting of burgers (veggie and beef), hot dogs, and all the other side dishes and desserts. The ticket also provided you with a free seat on a bus down to the beach if so desired. I drove down with some friends. As for the food I went with the seafood and was not disappointed. Members of the outing club were cooking the food directly next to the beach and it was all delicious.

After eating more than I probably should have I headed out on to the beach with my friends to play soccer, throw the frisbee around, and just relax and take in some sun. It seemed as if Batesies were invading the beach. Every where I turned I saw someone I knew from Bates – from freshmen enjoying their first trip to seniors making the most out of their last Bates clambake. The day was amazing and I can’t wait until the next clambake!

Below are some pictures my friend Caroline took while we were there. Enjoy:

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Hey all. This past weekend for me was a complete blast. It started off on Saturday night with an amazing fireworks show. The Sangai Asia club here at Bates has its annual fireworks show right over Lake Andrews (the puddle). Before the fireworks, there was traditional asian cuisine and a concert by a student band called ‘The Nancy’s’. After the delicious food and rocking concert the first fireworks were lit. The show lasted about 10 or 15 minutes and was truly incredible. The fireworks were directly overhead and lit up the night sky. My friend Matt snapped some awesome pictures of the show that are below.

Enjoy and be on the lookout for a blog post in the next day or so with pictures and a description of my trip to Popham beach for the Bates Outing Club’s Spring Clambake last Sunday!


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One more thing…

Hey all please check out my newest post below this one. I just wanted to also tell you to look at some of the new links on the blogroll. There are a few new Bates bloggers you should definitely check out who offer some really cool perspectives.

Also I have added another page to the blog site that has links to everything Bates from ‘Why Bates?’ to ‘Fast Facts about Bates’ – you should find a lot of great information there. You can find it at the top of the blog page where it says ‘Bates Links’. I will be adding to that page and the ‘Pictures from Bates’ page very soon so be on the lookout for that too.

Until next time… 

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The halfway point!

Hey all. I came to a startling realization yesterday. It was yet another beautiful day on campus and I was walking to commons with some friends to grab some lunch. The conversation was light – I believe we were discussing recent sports scores or something of that nature – when all of the sudden one of my friends says, “Hey did you realize that we are now halfway through short term?” The comment hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like being told the day after your birthday that you would have to wait another 364 days to experience another special day. It was unnecessary and upsetting. I could not believe that the time had flown by so quickly. I am looking forward to summer but before my friend had reminded me of the reality the thought that short term was nearly over hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I guess short term has been so fun that I had lost track of time and of all the cool things I have gotten to do. So I decided to create this list of the top 5 things about short term (so far) to remind myself of the fun I have had and everything I can look forward to. In no particular order…

1) Taking a class that has been challenging and rewarding. My class, In the Presence of the Ancestor, has taught me to look more in depth at my cultural roots and if it weren’t for short term I never would have felt comfortable enough to step out of my comfort zone and take the course.

2) Enjoying the warm weather – from flag football, to throwing a baseball or frisbee around, to just lounging in the quad, short term has allowed me to take enjoying the great outdoors to a new extreme.

3) SKIING– although this kind of connects to enjoying the weather I didn’t think it was fair to throw it in under the ‘warm weather’ category. Getting to ski in April was a thrill for me and with my short term schedule I was able to go midweek and beat the crowds!

4) Hanging out with friends in a relaxed setting. During the rest of the school year I don’t get to see my friends as much as I would like to due to numerous tests, essays, readings, and homework assignments. With the easier short term schedule I can hang out with my friends a lot more and not have to worry as much about school work.

5) I’m only halfway through short term! Just knowing that there is still time left to have even more fun and to experience even more of the Bates short term is enough to get me extremely excited!


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