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Beautiful Bates

Hey all. My friend Matt took some photos of campus the other day that I want to share with you. Although today is a bit rainy, the day the pictures were taken was a glorious day at Bates – sunny and warm with a slight breeze. I will post a few of the photos here but make sure you check out the new Bates picture page which has even more photos. 

In other news… short term continues to be beyond excellent. Everyone has been enjoying the wonderful weather and been frolicking in the great outdoors. In the past couple days I have read from a book titled Africanisms in American Culture, watched an outdoor concert by two of Bates’ a cappela groups (the Crosstones + the Manic Optimists), played intramureal flag football, gone to Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Freeport, and celebrated my friend Alex’s birthday by going out for dinner with a group of 13 other Batesies.

Short term continues to be the perfect combination of work, fun, and relaxation. Until next time… 


(The Chapel on campus)

(Me playing some baseball on the quad)

(A view at sunset from the summit of Mt. David)

(Special thanks again to Matt Moschitto for the great photos!)


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New Pictures Page…

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of blogging the last few days but I have been working on creating a new page on the blog that has pictures from events and activities both on and off the Bates campus. Hopefully this new page will help you to have a better visual guide of everything I blog about. To get to the pictures simply click on the ‘Pictures from Bates’ tab at the top of my blog site (see above). Enjoy the pictures and be on the look out for some beautiful short term photos in the very near future. 

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First day of short term…

I had my first day of short term yesterday and it was awesome. My class only met from 1-3 yesterday so I started off the day by sleeping in. It was so nice to wake up on my own on a school day without the use of an alarm clock. I woke feeling very refreshed and excited for the day. After grabbing a bite to eat at commons I headed over to class with a friend. The first class period was mainly an introduction to the course. We went over material we will be learning in the upcoming weeks, expectations for the class, and due dates for assignments. I now know that I will have to read five books and write five 2-3 page papers over short term in addition to other assignments and a final essay. Seeing as you only take one class during short term, this seems fairly reasonable. I should have plenty of time to get all my work done. I have a lot of freedom in terms of writing on subjects and themes that I find interesting. Also I can hand in the five papers whenever I want as long as I hand in all five at the end of short term.

After the introductory class (which let out early) I headed over to the quad to enjoy the beautiful warm and sunny weather. I threw a baseball around with some friends, and played frisbee and soccer for a while. It seemed as if the entire student body was outside enjoying the weather. People were playing tons of different sports, fiddling around with instruments, and just lounging around taking in some sun. The first day of short term was truly excellent. I am looking forward to learning more in my short term class and to enjoying more of this beautiful weather.

For more information on my short term you can check out my blog about it. If you want to learn about short term in general click here

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Finished with Finals

First off I want to apologize for not blogging recently. But now I’m back and will be blogging as much as possible. I finished finals last week and have been enjoying my week off at home. The week leading up to spring break was definitely the most stressful week I have experienced at Bates. With 4 final exams to study for and 2 papers to write I basically camped out in Pgill (Pettengill Hall) with some friends only leaving to sleep, eat, or to take the occasional study break. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t buried in my books every second of the day but I was certainly working hard. I also probably consumed more caffeine during that week than I had in the whole previous semester.

Despite being in a caffeinated sleep-deprived state for much of the week, I noticed that Bates tried to make the studying process easier. There was a late night breakfast served at commons for hungry over-tired students and extended hours at the library. Commons also provided little paper lunch bags for everyone that contained individually wrapped snacks and your choice of soda. I don’t think bigger schools do that for their students so I greatly appreciated it.

Now that I am done with my first two semesters it is time to look forward to short term and I can’t wait to see what the experience is going to be like. I’ll keep you posted. Short term classes start in two days… 

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Mt. David Summit


Last Friday I attended the 2008 Mt. David Summit in Pettengill Hall. It was my first time attending the event and I found it to be truly incredible. The Mt. David Summit is a mass presentation of everything Bates. Students of all grades present research they have worked on, seniors present final projects, photos from student trips abroad are displayed, shows and concerts are had, and discussions on a host of different topics take place. Parents and students crowded into Pettengill all day to observe the near endless number of exhibits and presentations. The Bates website described the Mt. David Summit as, “the annual campus-wide celebration of student academic achievement, highlighting undergraduate research; student creative work in art, dance, theater, music and film/video; projects conducted in the context of academic courses; and service-learning.”

I felt like a kid given free-reign in a candy store, running all over the building trying to take in as much as I possibly could. I left feeling amazed (and a bit tired). The Mt. David Summit could have lasted for a week and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy everything it had to offer.Here are some pictures I took of the Summit. I also recommend checking out the Bates website for some great pictures taken at the event (Click here).


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Short term…

Hey all. I finally figured out what short term I will be participating in this spring. As you may remember from my ‘signing up for classes’ blog, I didn’t get into my first choice for short term but I just signed up for a course called ‘In the Presence of the Ancestor’. It is a course in the English Department and focuses on the importance of ancestry and how it affects the past, present, and future. More specifically, the course concentrates on African-American literature. We will be getting a better idea of the significance of ancestry by looking at work by famous authors such as Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, Gloria Naylor, David Bradley, and John Edgar Weidman.

The great thing about short term is that it allows you to really expand your horizons. I am not going to major or minor in English but because Bates’ offers this unique program I can try new courses that I never would have imagined taking. Who knows how the course will work out for me but I am excited about trying something out of my comfort zone and learning material that is completely new to me.   

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