Bates Student Voices

Here you will find videos of Bates students who spoke about their Bates education + experience before graduation in 2008 and 2009. There are a lot of videos here but none are longer than 3 minutes and they all offer very interesting, candid personal views of Bates College:


Sophia Budianto:

Katie Conkling:

Brianna Belanger:

Anne Mueller:

Mbali Ndlovu:


Anne Barton:

Oscar Cancio:

Christina Wicks:

Liz Murphy:


Zach Lapin:

Simon Griesbach:

Emmanuel Drabo:

Meg Creedon:

Monique Brown:

Ryan Creighton:

Rachael Levitz: 

Melissa Lue Yen:

Aliza Luft:

Christopher Petrella:

Andrew Stowe:

Ann Speers:

Sam Welles:

Rakhshan Zahid: