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Beautiful day on campus…

Hey all. I was originally planning on posting pictures from the fair I went to last week, but I’m having some technical difficulties (aka I left the cord that connects the camera to the computer at home… whoops). I will get those pictures up as soon as I can get that cord sent up. In the meantime, check out my blog post about last year’s Common Ground Fair.

Anyway, all has been well here. My intramural soccer team hasn’t won a game yet, but we’re having a blast anyway. It’s been great to kick back (pun intended) and get away from the rigors of academics twice a week. I’m still pulling for us to eek out at least one victory, though.

In other news, the first two issues of the school newspaper, The Bates Student, have been printed and can be found online (check it out —> Bates Student Newspaper).

I will leave you with some photos I snapped on my cell phone (no cord needed for the photo upload, thankfully) of the quad today. It was truly a beautiful day, unseasonably warm yet not too humid. Cooler fall days are not too far away.

Until next time…


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If you’re a Batesie, performances are free!

Hey all. Last Thursday critically-acclaimed spoken-word poet George Watsky came to Bates as part of the Village Club Series. I’m a pretty big fan of spoken-word and slam poetry events so I was quite excited about Bates bringing him here.

His poems focused on a range of topics. He hit on everything from love and growing up without a single religion in his home, to more humorous topics of his lisp, his incredible dance moves, and about achieving your dreams (even if that meant becoming a robot).

The performance itself was excellent, but what was so great about the night was the way he interacted with the crowd. He sat down with the students who showed up early and talked about his recent college graduation, moving to a new city, and other everyday topics. He didn’t set up a barrier between himself and his audience, it was very much a mutual sharing of stories and ideas.

After talking with him for a little while, he asked me if I did any writing of my own. I told him I had, but had only performed once before. Surprisingly, he told me to open his set for him with a poem if I wanted to. I was a bit nervous, but he was reassuring and I decided to go for it. He introduced me to the stage by name and despite a little bit of stage fright, I was able to perform my piece. I talked with him afterwards and he was extremely supportive and had nothing but nice things to say about my spoken-word.

It’s really great that Bates brings relatively unknown artists here and hosts free concerts/performances for the student body. The small setting fosters interaction not just among students, but also between the students and the performer.

Stay tuned for my next post about going to the Common Ground Fair. I promise there will be pictures of farm animals and delicious food!

In the meantime, check out some of the pictures I snapped from my cell phone of George Watsky performing. There is also a video I found on youtube of one of his earlier performances.

Until next time…

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Senior Year Begins…

Hey all. Settling in to senior year has been a bit more hectic than expected but here is the long-overdue update…

I’m enrolled in four courses: Nations and Nationalism, International Politics, Technology in U.S. History, and a Spanish class on Cervantes. I’m taking the two politics courses more out of interest than necessity. I’ve fulfilled the majority of my requirements for my major and minor, and decided to take advantage of the chance to learn more about politics; a subject that’s always appealed to me, but that I’ve never been able to study extensively.

My favorite class so far has been Technology in U.S. History. It is an interdisciplinary course cross-listed with history and women and gender studies. So far we’ve focused on the the history of the word ‘technology’ and its early association with the Industrial Revolution. We’ve also discussed the differences between social construction and technological determinism, looking at how humans shape technology and how technology shapes society. Focusing on the role of gender in technological advancement has made the class even more thought-provoking.

Outside of academics, there has been plenty keeping me busy. Intramural soccer, working on the first issue of the Bates Student (including recruiting new writers), attending the Activities Fair, the Volunteer Fair, and the first weekly Village Club Series (VCS) free concert (Nick Motil) of the semester.

Life’s been busy, but it’s great to be back on campus. More to come soon! Until next time…

I couldn’t find a video of Nick Motil performing at Bates, but here is one from a recording a few years ago:

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