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Hey all! The day finally came. Graduation. Short term flew by and now I am entering the “real world.”

The last month has been a whirlwind. It was full of final experiences: Last class, last dance, last meal in commons, last time I check my mailbox, last time I throw a frisbee in the quad, etc. At the time, I tried not to get sucked into that haunting sense of finality that these experiences often bring. Instead I tried to just embrace the moments for what they were. Honestly though, it all went by so fast that I didn’t have much time to process anything. It felt like one morning I woke up and was a Bates College student, the next I’m waking up in my own bed at home wondering where the time went. I think I now better understand why people use clichés to describe significant moments in their lives. It’s too hard, if not impossible, to explain all the emotions and thoughts running through your mind during the college graduation experience. 

I’m sad to leave Bates behind. My experience at the school has not always been perfect, but for four years Bates was a constant in my life. It was at Bates that I was introduced to individuals who helped me grow as a student and as a person. I leave Bates with a much better understanding of myself and the world than when I entered the school four years ago.  

Bates has also helped to foster a strong sense of community that I know will serve me well as I enter the job force. I’ll be working at a charter school in Boston as an elementary school tutor, while also earning my teacher certification through a one-year program that focuses on training teachers to work in urban charter schools. I’m very excited to begin pursuing a career in education and am looking forward to being able to work with students!

Even though I have graduated, I’ll continue to blog periodically so prospective students can get a sense of what life is like for at least one Bates student after graduation. Besides, I’ve blogged since I was a freshman, writing more than 160 individual posts over the years… I may no longer be a student, but it’s kind of become a habit. For now, I’ll leave you all with some pictures from graduation. Until next time…

Slide show from 2011 Commencement!



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Hey all. I know it’s been a little while since I’ve last checked in. Senior year has been a bit stressful at times and I know it will only get tougher with thesis next semester, but I have definitely been enjoying the start of the year. Maine is absolutely gorgeous in the fall and I’ve been trying to soak up all the fall goodness I can in my final year in this great state.

Last week I went apple picking for the first time… amazing. There are several apple orchards in the area, but my friends and I chose Wallingford’s because it had a great reputation. When we got there, we got paper bags and were free to cruise the different orchards and pick our own apples. There is something exhilarating about choosing each individual apple and the fact that you can taste the apple right after it has been picked only makes the experience sweeter.

After successful apple picking, we headed back to the Wallingford Fruit House and paid for our apples. We also got some fresh hot apple cider and apple-cinnamon homemade doughnuts. Needless to say, the cider and the doughnuts were delicious. After enjoying our food, we checked out a few farm animals and drove back to Bates (10-15 minute drive). All in all, it was a highly successful little journey and I recommend going apple picking if you ever get the chance.

Check out these pictures from the trip and check out the Wallingford’s Fruit House Facebook Page for more info on the farm. ALSO, check back in a day or two for an awesome video of a fire demo on Bates Fire Safety day! Until next time…


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Senior Year Begins…

Hey all. Settling in to senior year has been a bit more hectic than expected but here is the long-overdue update…

I’m enrolled in four courses: Nations and Nationalism, International Politics, Technology in U.S. History, and a Spanish class on Cervantes. I’m taking the two politics courses more out of interest than necessity. I’ve fulfilled the majority of my requirements for my major and minor, and decided to take advantage of the chance to learn more about politics; a subject that’s always appealed to me, but that I’ve never been able to study extensively.

My favorite class so far has been Technology in U.S. History. It is an interdisciplinary course cross-listed with history and women and gender studies. So far we’ve focused on the the history of the word ‘technology’ and its early association with the Industrial Revolution. We’ve also discussed the differences between social construction and technological determinism, looking at how humans shape technology and how technology shapes society. Focusing on the role of gender in technological advancement has made the class even more thought-provoking.

Outside of academics, there has been plenty keeping me busy. Intramural soccer, working on the first issue of the Bates Student (including recruiting new writers), attending the Activities Fair, the Volunteer Fair, and the first weekly Village Club Series (VCS) free concert (Nick Motil) of the semester.

Life’s been busy, but it’s great to be back on campus. More to come soon! Until next time…

I couldn’t find a video of Nick Motil performing at Bates, but here is one from a recording a few years ago:

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Back to Bates!

Hey all. I am heading back up to Bates in just a week and a half!!!! As you can tell from my excessive use of exclamation points, I’m pretty excited about it.

I eagerly greet the start of the school year in large part because I am a nerd. What can I say? I love school. In fact, I was walking through the school supplies aisle of my local Rite Aid store today and got giddy just seeing the glossy new folders and the unused pencils waiting to be sharpened… okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, and I think I’ll be singing a different tune come thesis time, but I am genuinely looking forward to cracking open the books and settling back into academic life.

On top of the nerd factor, I’m excited to return to Bates because I’ve been away for such a long period of time. Between my semester abroad and a summer at home in NY, it’s been more than 8 months since I’ve stepped foot on campus. I’m curious to see how/if Bates has changed over that time and if my experiences abroad will, in turn, alter how I see Bates.

Also, it will be my senior year. The last hurrah. The final year to enjoy all that Bates has to offer. Thesis, upper-level courses, writing for the Bates Student, volunteering opportunities, intramural sports, and a whole host of other extracurricular activities and academic endeavors await. It’s a bit daunting to think about, but I’m hoping that if I approach it with a positive make-the-most-of-it-all kind of attitude, things will fall into place and it will be a fun and successful year.

For now, I’m enjoying my final week of summer before packing up and heading north to the great state of Maine. Here’s what I’ll be seeing when I get there… I hope:

Until next time…

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Hey all. Sorry for the extremely long absence but I have finally returned back home after an amazing trip around Europe. I have plenty of pictures and tons of stories to share. But first, I need to sleep. It took me 2 subways, 4 buses (one overnight), one taxi, and 3 flights to make it home. Delays and a missed flight meant it took me a full 48 hours door-to-door.

Anyway, early next week I will begin posting pictures and stories from the trip. I will also start focusing on the upcoming school year. Senior year. Thesis. I am incredibly excited. Until next time…


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The rain in Spain falls mainly on the… everywhere.

Hey all. Unfortunately the weather in Sevilla continues to be rainy and wet. It has drizzled/rained/poured here on and off nearly every day for the past several weeks. Unofficially, I’ve heard that this is the most rain Sevilla has had in the last 60 years. I play basketball once a week with other students from my program and with local residents of Sevilla and one of the players told me he has lived in the city for 34 years (his entire life) and he has never seen weather this bad. One student I talked with who studied abroad here last semester told me it only rained ONCE in his entire first semester experience.

Everyone in Sevilla, my señora included, keeps apologizing for the terrible weather. Honestly, after living in the Northeast of the United States my whole life, this doesn’t seem like bad winter weather. In fact, even though it has been rainy, the temperatures have been mostly mild and even warm at times. Still, I can’t help but think what I might be missing if the weather were just a bit nicer. Here’s to hoping for sunny days ahead.

Soon I must start thinking about Bates housing and course registration for…gulp… my senior year in college! Exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. More pictures, news, and random ramblings to come. Until next time. Hasta luego…

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