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Way to Go Bates!

Hey all. I hope summer has been treating you all well. I’ve been having a great time at camp and will be back home in 2 weeks. In the mean time, activities, inter-camp competitions, and other fun programs are in full swing here as the campers enjoy their remaining time at camp. The end of the summer is quickly creeping up and I’m trying my best to have fun with the time left before I head back to Bates.

In non-camp related news, Bates was recently named to Princeton Review’s “Green Honor Roll” for environmental sustainability. Schools across the country are judged and graded in a number of categories to determine how “green” they are, and Bates was one of just 15 colleges nationwide that scored a 99 (highest possible grade) in the review. Read about it here. Way to go Bates!

Until next time… enjoy that warm summer weather and take a lesson from Bates and be green!


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