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Election Night at Bates…

Hey all. Regardless of what presidential candidate you supported there is no doubt that Tuesday night was a special night for America. To see Barack Obama, an African-American, be elected as President of the United States, is truly something remarkable. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, this is a historic moment in our country’s history and one that I know I will never forget.

I watched the results come in with close to 200 other Batesies in the Mays Center on a large projector. The atmosphere was festive and it was amazing being there and watching with so many other people who had voted for the first time and were so invested in the presidential race. I will leave you with these pictures and a video that I took with my new camera so you have an idea of what it was like. Until next time… once again congratulations to Barack Obama.



Video from after Obama won… the crowd was fairly subdued at this point but still very happy (VIDEO COMING SOON):


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Politics at Bates…

Hey all. Obviously the presidential election is on everyones minds these days. The youth has been reenergized by the 2008 race to the White House and that can be seen here at Bates as more and more people are getting politically involved.

Both the Bates Democrats Club and the Republican Club have been registering voters in large numbers in commons, and handing out stickers, signs, and posters. Local politicians have been coming to campus and to different locations around Lewiston to voice their support for each candidate. Last weekend Democratic Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut spoke at the Lewiston Armory. A representative from Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change was on campus a few days ago and a representative from the McCain of Maine organization will be on campus in October.

Last weekend I took part in the ‘Lewiston Invasion’ in which I joined students from Bates and from many other schools in Maine in a mass-canvassing for Obama. Each person was assigned a certain number of addresses around Lewiston and had to go door-to-door talking to Lewiston locals about the presidential and state elections while handing out pamphlets and other information about the candidates.

I knocked on nearly 60 doors. Some people were receptive, others not so much. I had some very engaging conversations about the election and the important issues associated with it. Many people were concerned about the economy, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and healthcare. Just being able to talk to people, regardless of their political standing, was incredibly interesting and really opened my eyes to why this presidential election is going to be so close. (Click to learn more about the ‘Lewiston Invasion’)

I feel this election is too important to not get involved in. Whether one supports McCain or Obama it is imperative that we all do our part to be educated about the issues and to get involved in the process. I am, like most Americans, wondering who we will see in the White House in January. Until next time…

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