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Nezinscot Farm

Hey all. March is a pretty crazy month at Bates. Papers, tests, readings and other assignments tend to pile up this time of year as professors try to fit in extra material and make sure we cover everything on the syllabi before reaching finals week. On top of all the work, there are no school breaks or vacations during the month, so things can get pretty stressful. That’s why it’s so nice to have a place like Nezinscot so close by.

Nezinscot is a farm located in nearby Turner, ME. Like most traditional farms, Nezinscot has plenty of barnyard animals, but what it is most well-known for is its amazing food. Nezinscot is open six days a week all year for breakfast and lunch, and the friendly staff (some of whom are Batesies) serve up delicious organic dishes. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable and its great to eat some home-style cuisine in a rustic and cozy farm setting. A cat and two dogs are always there to greet you, giving Nezinscot even more of a homey feel.

There is so much more to learn about Nezinscot, which also sells baked and canned goods, offers educational workshops and has its own teahouse. Check out the Nezinscot website here. You can also learn more by going to the Nezinscot blog or checking the farm out on its own facebook page.

For now, I’ll just leave you with some pictures from my last trip to Nezinscot. Until next time…

Outside Nezinscot:

Inside Nezinscot (can you spot both dogs?):

The food (a sausage omelet with toast and relish, an egg sandwich and french toast with fresh fruit… don’t worry, this was shared among three people!):


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The full Bates experience…

Hey all. School has been as busy as ever but I’ve been enjoying myself. There have been more papers for my ‘Age of Independence’ Latin American history class as well as for my ‘Fiction in the U.S.’ English class. My thesis on race relations and social hierarchy in colonial New York City continues to move along (slowly but surely) and my Spanish class, though a lot of work, has been a true learning experience as of late. The class focuses on the formation of national identity in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Using poems, novels and other pieces of literature as lenses, we examine how race, catholicism and african spirituality affect the national discourse in each nation we study. The class has been a lot of work – papers, tests, oral presentations, preparations for a final project – but the material typically keeps me engaged enough to distract me from the difficulty of the work… it’s an ideal college class – both challenging and thought-provoking.

In between classes and work, I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to the job search, which, unlike the hunt for the perfect college, is a lot more open-ended and intimidating. I’m looking at it as another new experience and embracing it, which has made the search more fun than stressful. There’s also been time for IM Ice hockey. The team I play on won the IM Championship last week, capping off a successful run of two championships in three years. Bragging rights are the ultimate prize, but the free t-shirt all champions receive is a nice perk.

Working on the school newspaper, relaxing at my yoga class and taking the occasional trip off campus for a meal away from commons take up the rest of my time during the week. As I write this, in fact, it’s approaching 2 a.m. and I am in the newsroom finishing up the sports section for tomorrow’s issue. Time to get back to work! Until next time…

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A break from Commons

Hey all. As delicious as the food is at Commons, sometimes it is nice to take a break and grab a meal with friends. If you have a soft spot for Italian food as I do, I recommend Davinci’s Eatery. Davinci’s is only a few minutes from campus and has a friendly staff, a warm atmosphere, reasonable prices and, of course, delicious food. If you are ever in the Lewiston area, it’s the place to go for a good meal. There are plenty of other options if Italian food doesn’t float your boat. For Indian food, Mother India is the place to go. It’s also quite close to the Bates campus and is truly tasty. The Lewiston/Auburn area is full of food options, so check out the Bates local restaurant guide if you want to learn more.

Sometimes, even though there is an array of local options, it’s nice to seek comfort in some home-cooked food. Last week, some friends of mine (Caroline and Diane) made some pumpkin curry soup and home-made french fries. Carrots, celery and fresh bread were also served. The meal was excellent and the company even better. Check out the pictures of the meal below. Until next time, it’s back to studying!

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Harvest Dinner 2010!

Hey all. Wednesday night’s Harvest Dinner lived up to its usual expectations. The meal was delicious. Some of the food (in no particular order): Turkey, pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed vegetables, seafood bisque, cheeses, fruits, rolls, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce… and that’s not including desserts. The post-meal treats included cake, a plethora of pies and two chocolate fountains (with fruit + marshmallows for dipping). As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit obsessed with the food aspect of Harvest Dinner.

The meal itself is really about so much more, though. There is a raffle with prizes, a live band and decorations. More importantly, it’s an event that bring the whole Bates community together. It’s not just students at the meal, it’s the staff, the professors and their families. It is one of those meals where you have a better appreciation for Bates’ small size.

The fact that basically the whole school comes together to share good food and music is comforting. It makes the workload feel a little lighter, the deadlines feel a bit further away and the stresses feel a little less overwhelming. Now it’s on to a week of Thanksgiving break. A time to rest up and catch up on a little work. I will leave you with a few pictures I snapped during the meal. I apologize for the bad quality, I didn’t have my camera on me so I had to rely on my cell phone camera. Until next time… Happy Thanksgiving!

(Live Band!)

(Ice cream cake shaped like a car for ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ Themed Meal)

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Europe by Rail…

Hey all. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling + sightseeing throughout Europe. Internet access has not been as easy to come by as I thought it might be so I apologize for the lack of updates.

I am currently checking in from Florence, Italy. In the last 13 days I have traveled through 8 countries, spending at least a night in 6 different countries. The journey has taken me through Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Italy. Each has been beautiful in its own special way. Some highlights of the trip: The coast of San Sebastian in the Basque region of Spain, seeing the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa in Paris, touching part of the Berlin Wall while in Germany, and watching the World Cup (U.S.A. v. England) on a big screen in a public square in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2 days my girlfriend and I will travel to northern Italy (Milan), then will trek into southern France, before getting back to Spain for the end of our journey.

The trip has been overwhelming at times (coordinating train travel, booking hostels, finding inexpensive food, etc.), but has been an incredible experience. It is difficult to reflect on it all right now since the trip is still going on, but I will be sure to upload some pictures soon to give you all a better visual guide of everything.

It’s hard to think about school while doing such extensive travel, but Bates is never too far out of mind. None of the travel would be possible without Bates and the opportunities that study abroad has created for me. I am grateful that the college emphasizes studying off campus in another country and that it has helped inspire me to see more of Europe and the world.

More to come soon. Until next time…

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mmm… food

Hey all. I hope you enjoyed the blog about Semana Santa. I will be uploading more photos and videos from the week in the very near future so be sure to check back soon.

In the meantime, I am posting some food pictures. I know my mom stalks this blog daily and will be particularly excited to see what her son has been eating. Unfortunately, there is no way to provide you with a complete picture of all the delicious food I’ve gotten to try, but I hope these photos give you a little taste of my Spanish food experience (pun completely intended):

From my señora’s kitchen: Lentils, beans, and potatoes

Paella from a restaurant in Sevilla

Strawberry/Grapefruit ice cream from a ice cream shop near my home: best ice cream I have ever had!

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Picture update and too much food…

Hey all. I just wanted to let everybody know that I revamped the picture page and now it will be much easier to look at photos I have taken around Spain. It’s nice for me to post all my pictures in one place, but I also hope you all enjoy the photos I’ve taken in this beautiful country. For those perspective students out there, hopefully this will give you a glimpse into what Bates study abroad life can be like. Click on the ‘PICTURES FROM SPAIN‘ tab here or at the top of the page and then click on the links to see pictures from different cities I have visited in Spain.

In other news, I ate a huge dinner tonight. My Señora is really piling on the food, but I mean that in the best way possible. Tonight I had a big tortilla Española (for those you don’t know: a potato/egg patty). When I say this thing was big, I mean, we’re talking frisbee-sized. On top of that, I was served a large salad made up of lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, Spanish olive oil, sea salt, and oregano. As they say in Spain, ¡Qué Delicioso!  Until next time…

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