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Short Term is here!

Hey all. It’s that time of year again… Short Term! 

After completing my thesis, I still had three papers to work on before I could head home for spring break. The first was for my Latin American history class. The course focused specifically on Latin American independence, and in the final paper we were asked to discuss whether independence brought about significant change to Latin America, or whether there was a more gradual shift from colonial rule to national sovereignty. I concluded that when we talk about change we have to talk about what type of change and for whom. Things changed really differently for the indigenous population in comparison with the elite Creole population, so I tried to center my arguments on the nuanced evolution of change in Latin America during the independence period.

Okay, I just read that back and it sounds a little boring. I swear it’s a readable paper and makes sense. As a history nerd, I think I have a tendency to delve a bit too deeply into a paper like this. If you’re still with me, I promise to keep the other paper descriptions short!

 For my Spanish final paper, I wrote a comparative essay on two short stories that we read in class. Because the course emphasized race, afro-spirituality and Catholicism in the Caribbean, I decided to write my paper on the construction and development of character identity in these stories and on how those characters represented the larger picture of the development of national identity in the Caribbean (in Cuba, specifically).

I also focused on identity in my final English paper. In this assignment, I looked to two short stories by Sherman Alexie and Junot Díaz to compare how identity was formed, molded and manipulated through narrative voice.

Anyway, you probably didn’t need to hear the long rambling descriptive explanations of my final papers, but I hope it interested some of you. As you can see from the varying topics I wrote about, each Bates class provides you with an opportunity to focus in on and tackle some really cool, unique and interesting material. 

Anyway, after finishing up the papers, I headed down to Florida for a fun week in the sun with some friends and in just a few short days, Short Term begins. I am taking a class titled “Gender and Tobacco.” I’ll have more information as soon as I take my first class. It’s a Women and Gender Studies (WGS) course and I’m really looking forward to it!

Until next time… 


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Finals Time…

Hey all. It is officially finals week here at Bates and, like everyone else on campus, I’m swamped with work. It’s actually not as bad as it has been in prior years. I have a 20 page research paper about slave conspiracy, a 7-10 page research paper about the borderlands between Mexico and the U.S. (to be written in Spanish), as well as final exams in my biology and British history courses.

I find it’s no use to complain about the workload. Primarily because everyone is in the same boat, but also it’s hard to bellyache and moan about going to a great school, getting an excellent education, and learning and studying in a welcoming and challenging academic environment. Besides, I’ve got less than a week left to enjoy everything that Bates has to offer before I’m off to Spain for a semester.

Much more to come about study abroad in the coming weeks as I prepare to leave in mid-January. I will continue to blog while abroad as to continue to provide you readers with the college experience of one Batesie.

Anyway, time to get back to work. Hope winter is treating you all well. Mother nature continues to pile on the snow here at Bates… Until next time…

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