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Hey all! The day finally came. Graduation. Short term flew by and now I am entering the “real world.”

The last month has been a whirlwind. It was full of final experiences: Last class, last dance, last meal in commons, last time I check my mailbox, last time I throw a frisbee in the quad, etc. At the time, I tried not to get sucked into that haunting sense of finality that these experiences often bring. Instead I tried to just embrace the moments for what they were. Honestly though, it all went by so fast that I didn’t have much time to process anything. It felt like one morning I woke up and was a Bates College student, the next I’m waking up in my own bed at home wondering where the time went. I think I now better understand why people use clichés to describe significant moments in their lives. It’s too hard, if not impossible, to explain all the emotions and thoughts running through your mind during the college graduation experience. 

I’m sad to leave Bates behind. My experience at the school has not always been perfect, but for four years Bates was a constant in my life. It was at Bates that I was introduced to individuals who helped me grow as a student and as a person. I leave Bates with a much better understanding of myself and the world than when I entered the school four years ago.  

Bates has also helped to foster a strong sense of community that I know will serve me well as I enter the job force. I’ll be working at a charter school in Boston as an elementary school tutor, while also earning my teacher certification through a one-year program that focuses on training teachers to work in urban charter schools. I’m very excited to begin pursuing a career in education and am looking forward to being able to work with students!

Even though I have graduated, I’ll continue to blog periodically so prospective students can get a sense of what life is like for at least one Bates student after graduation. Besides, I’ve blogged since I was a freshman, writing more than 160 individual posts over the years… I may no longer be a student, but it’s kind of become a habit. For now, I’ll leave you all with some pictures from graduation. Until next time…

Slide show from 2011 Commencement!



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Nezinscot Farm

Hey all. March is a pretty crazy month at Bates. Papers, tests, readings and other assignments tend to pile up this time of year as professors try to fit in extra material and make sure we cover everything on the syllabi before reaching finals week. On top of all the work, there are no school breaks or vacations during the month, so things can get pretty stressful. That’s why it’s so nice to have a place like Nezinscot so close by.

Nezinscot is a farm located in nearby Turner, ME. Like most traditional farms, Nezinscot has plenty of barnyard animals, but what it is most well-known for is its amazing food. Nezinscot is open six days a week all year for breakfast and lunch, and the friendly staff (some of whom are Batesies) serve up delicious organic dishes. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable and its great to eat some home-style cuisine in a rustic and cozy farm setting. A cat and two dogs are always there to greet you, giving Nezinscot even more of a homey feel.

There is so much more to learn about Nezinscot, which also sells baked and canned goods, offers educational workshops and has its own teahouse. Check out the Nezinscot website here. You can also learn more by going to the Nezinscot blog or checking the farm out on its own facebook page.

For now, I’ll just leave you with some pictures from my last trip to Nezinscot. Until next time…

Outside Nezinscot:

Inside Nezinscot (can you spot both dogs?):

The food (a sausage omelet with toast and relish, an egg sandwich and french toast with fresh fruit… don’t worry, this was shared among three people!):

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Study Abroad Academics… DONE!

Hey all. I have now completed the last of my final exams and papers here in Sevilla, Spain. The three exams and the paper (an analysis on how dreams function in contemporary Spanish film) were all fairly straightforward and not terribly difficult. I feel like I really learned a lot from these classes. While I certainly learned the material and how to better understand the Spanish language (all my classes were taught in Spanish), I also learned facts and opinions from a Spanish perspective. This made the learning process more enjoyable because it allowed me to better grasp the culture that dictates the education system.

Now it is time to continue preparing for a journey around Europe with my girlfriend, who finishes her program in southern Spain next week. As we continue to narrow down cities to visit, hostels to stay in, trains to take, etc., I will let you know more details about the trip. As for now, I am going to enjoy this hot sunny weather while it lasts. Until next time…

(Me posing with one of Sevilla’s city bikes!)

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First Pictures of Sevilla…

Hey all. After my last long rambling post, I figured you’d all probably be more interested in seeing some pictures of Sevilla. I’ve only just begun to explore the city so my pictures thus far are limited to only a few major landmarks. Below is a sampling of some of the photos I took, but if you’d like to see MANY MORE PICTURES OF SEVILLA PLEASE CLICK HERE. I changed the theme picture at the top of the page… I figured a snow scene didn’t accurately represent my experience in this warm climate. Until next time…

Inside Real Alcázar, a grand royal palace originally built in the mid 14th century:

View of The Catedral + La Giralda (the bell tower): the 3rd largest cathedral in the world:

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Finals Time…

Hey all. It is officially finals week here at Bates and, like everyone else on campus, I’m swamped with work. It’s actually not as bad as it has been in prior years. I have a 20 page research paper about slave conspiracy, a 7-10 page research paper about the borderlands between Mexico and the U.S. (to be written in Spanish), as well as final exams in my biology and British history courses.

I find it’s no use to complain about the workload. Primarily because everyone is in the same boat, but also it’s hard to bellyache and moan about going to a great school, getting an excellent education, and learning and studying in a welcoming and challenging academic environment. Besides, I’ve got less than a week left to enjoy everything that Bates has to offer before I’m off to Spain for a semester.

Much more to come about study abroad in the coming weeks as I prepare to leave in mid-January. I will continue to blog while abroad as to continue to provide you readers with the college experience of one Batesie.

Anyway, time to get back to work. Hope winter is treating you all well. Mother nature continues to pile on the snow here at Bates… Until next time…

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