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Hey all! The day finally came. Graduation. Short term flew by and now I am entering the “real world.”

The last month has been a whirlwind. It was full of final experiences: Last class, last dance, last meal in commons, last time I check my mailbox, last time I throw a frisbee in the quad, etc. At the time, I tried not to get sucked into that haunting sense of finality that these experiences often bring. Instead I tried to just embrace the moments for what they were. Honestly though, it all went by so fast that I didn’t have much time to process anything. It felt like one morning I woke up and was a Bates College student, the next I’m waking up in my own bed at home wondering where the time went. I think I now better understand why people use clichés to describe significant moments in their lives. It’s too hard, if not impossible, to explain all the emotions and thoughts running through your mind during the college graduation experience. 

I’m sad to leave Bates behind. My experience at the school has not always been perfect, but for four years Bates was a constant in my life. It was at Bates that I was introduced to individuals who helped me grow as a student and as a person. I leave Bates with a much better understanding of myself and the world than when I entered the school four years ago.  

Bates has also helped to foster a strong sense of community that I know will serve me well as I enter the job force. I’ll be working at a charter school in Boston as an elementary school tutor, while also earning my teacher certification through a one-year program that focuses on training teachers to work in urban charter schools. I’m very excited to begin pursuing a career in education and am looking forward to being able to work with students!

Even though I have graduated, I’ll continue to blog periodically so prospective students can get a sense of what life is like for at least one Bates student after graduation. Besides, I’ve blogged since I was a freshman, writing more than 160 individual posts over the years… I may no longer be a student, but it’s kind of become a habit. For now, I’ll leave you all with some pictures from graduation. Until next time…

Slide show from 2011 Commencement!



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Bates Arts Crawl

Hey all. I wanted to let you all know about a great new event that Bates started that will hopefully become an annual tradition: The Bates Arts Crawl.

The Bates Arts Crawl was actually more a series of events rather than one lone function. The Arts Crawl consisted of a number of dances, poetry readings, musical performances, presentations, exhibits and concerts that displayed all that Bates has to offer in terms of the arts. Students, faculty and staff roamed or ‘crawled’ from building to building, finding different performances, presentations and exhibits at each location. Those who participated in the Arts Crawl could pick up a map at Commons (the dining hall) or at any of the three main venues. This map listed all the important information about the crawl, including times and places for each event.

The Arts Crawl was not just confined to the indoors. Snow sculptures, students reciting poetry in trees, and mini-acapella concerts were just part of the outdoor experience. Appetizers and drinks were served up at three separate locations for those who wanted a bite to eat after traversing the campus during the event.

The Bates Arts Crawl lasted two hours and was very well-attended. Hopefully it becomes an annual tradition. The events came on the heals of Bates’ first ever Arts Summit, so it seems that the arts scene on campus is getting larger by the day.

Click here to check out the custom map from Bates’ first Arts Crawl. Read more about it here.

Until next time…

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Winter Carnival!

Hey all. This past week, Batesies celebrated Winter Carnival. Winter Carnival is more-or-less a week-long extravaganza that celebrates the awesomeness of winter. There are indoor and outdoor events throughout the week as Bates students, faculty and staff come together to unite in our love of the cold and snowy weather.

The events this year included laser tag, family fun and inflatables (jumping around in a moon bounce is still fun when you are 22-years old), big prize bingo (prizes included an ipad, ihome, digital camera, etc.), performances from the school a capella groups, a free concert from up-and-coming rapper Tayyib Ali, a late night breakfast (who doesn’t love pancakes, bacon and eggs at midnight on a cold night?), a 90s dance and, of course, the infamous Bates Puddle Jump (a hole is cut in the thick ice of the campus lake and Batesies jump into the freezing water).

I went to almost all of the events this year. I figured it was my last chance to experience a Bates Winter Carnival and I had to make the most of it. I did not partake in the Puddle Jump this year as I did sophomore year. I figured once was enough.

Check out this video of the puddle jump from last year:

The Lewiston Sun Journal, the local newspaper, also covered this year’s Puddle Jump. Read about it, see pictures and watch a video here.

Here’s a video of Tayyib Ali, the rapper who came to Bates. His concert was a lot of fun. He’s only 18-years old, but he sure knew how to get a college campus rocking:

Finally, here are some photos of me and my friends skating on the lake a few days before the Puddle Jump:

No one celebrates winter quite like Bates students. Until next time…

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