Bates Arts Crawl

Hey all. I wanted to let you all know about a great new event that Bates started that will hopefully become an annual tradition: The Bates Arts Crawl.

The Bates Arts Crawl was actually more a series of events rather than one lone function. The Arts Crawl consisted of a number of dances, poetry readings, musical performances, presentations, exhibits and concerts that displayed all that Bates has to offer in terms of the arts. Students, faculty and staff roamed or ‘crawled’ from building to building, finding different performances, presentations and exhibits at each location. Those who participated in the Arts Crawl could pick up a map at Commons (the dining hall) or at any of the three main venues. This map listed all the important information about the crawl, including times and places for each event.

The Arts Crawl was not just confined to the indoors. Snow sculptures, students reciting poetry in trees, and mini-acapella concerts were just part of the outdoor experience. Appetizers and drinks were served up at three separate locations for those who wanted a bite to eat after traversing the campus during the event.

The Bates Arts Crawl lasted two hours and was very well-attended. Hopefully it becomes an annual tradition. The events came on the heals of Bates’ first ever Arts Summit, so it seems that the arts scene on campus is getting larger by the day.

Click here to check out the custom map from Bates’ first Arts Crawl. Read more about it here.

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