Study cove and gingerbread!

Hey all. Finals ended about a week ago and I think they went pretty well. I didn’t get a ton of sleep during the week of exams and papers (not surprisingly), but I got all my work in on time and studied hard. I’m hoping the hard work paid off, and now I’m back in NY to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

I don’t have any extensive plans for the vacation, but I’m looking forward to relaxing at home and catching up on a bit of sleep. It’s hard to imagine that this is my last winter vacation as a Bates student. If grad school is in my future than this may not be my final holiday break, but for now I’m approaching it as my last long college vacation. Besides relaxing and spending time with family and friends I do need to start doing some research and reading for my senior thesis as well as continue the job search. Tomorrow is Christmas so I think I’ll give myself a break until then.

As promised, I did take a picture of my study cove from final exam week. It doesn’t look as crazy this year because I didn’t have a single spot that I stayed in throughout the week. I cycled between several locations to keep the mind fresh and the inspiration flowing. The picture below is from a night I spend studying in the Ronj:

I also took the time (as always) to make a gingerbread house with friends. The structure was pre-assembled, but we decorated all on our own. I hope you enjoy the picture. Until next time… Happy Holidays!


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