A break from Commons

Hey all. As delicious as the food is at Commons, sometimes it is nice to take a break and grab a meal with friends. If you have a soft spot for Italian food as I do, I recommend Davinci’s Eatery. Davinci’s is only a few minutes from campus and has a friendly staff, a warm atmosphere, reasonable prices and, of course, delicious food. If you are ever in the Lewiston area, it’s the place to go for a good meal. There are plenty of other options if Italian food doesn’t float your boat. For Indian food, Mother India is the place to go. It’s also quite close to the Bates campus and is truly tasty. The Lewiston/Auburn area is full of food options, so check out the Bates local restaurant guide if you want to learn more.

Sometimes, even though there is an array of local options, it’s nice to seek comfort in some home-cooked food. Last week, some friends of mine (Caroline and Diane) made some pumpkin curry soup and home-made french fries. Carrots, celery and fresh bread were also served. The meal was excellent and the company even better. Check out the pictures of the meal below. Until next time, it’s back to studying!


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