Finals Time Approaches…

Hey all. After a wonderful Thanksgiving break, it’s time to start focusing on final exams, presentations and papers. Tomorrow marks the first day of the last week of regular classes. Finals week will take place Dec. 13th-18th. I have a 12-page Spanish research paper due this Friday which will be a bit tough, but otherwise my finals aren’t looking too daunting. I have a take-home exam for a politics class and then two in-class exams for my other classes.

In a strange way, it’s comforting to know that everyone else gets stressed by final exams and papers, too. Seeing other students studying into the late hours of the night while chugging caffeinated drinks, has a relaxing effect on me. It inspires me to be on top of my work, organized and calm. With that said, I’ve still stocked up on snack food and soda to prepare myself for the many hours of work and studying that are ahead of me in the next two weeks.

I will try to post a picture of my finals study area next week. I typically form a cocoon of books, papers, notes, bags of potato chips, soda, etc. around me. I just sit in the middle of it all, under the glow of one small lamp, and slowly plug away at all the work… I try my best to make studying an enjoyable experience.

Besides schoolwork, there’s a lot to keep me busy. On Saturday, the men’s basketball team played host to rival Bowdoin College. Bates students packed Alumni Gym for the game. As a means of intimidation, students dressed in all black clothes to represent a “black out.” The Bates Bobcats prevailed with a resounding 86-65 victory. The Bates supporters chanted throughout the contest and at times you could barely hear yourself think. I was fortunate enough to catch a great offensive posession for Bates that ended in a dunk and wild cheering from the crowd. Check it out below. You can read more about Bates Athletics here. Until next time… Let’s Go, Bobcats!


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