Burning down a dorm room, well, sort of.

Hey all. A couple days ago, Bates celebrated Fire Safety Day. Jim Guzilian, Bates’ Environmental Health and Safety expert helped organize the event. He’s another Bates employee whose work often goes unnoticed, but is absolutely crucial to the Bates community. Every month, each dorm has a fire drill and he’s always there to give advice in the event an evacuation is necessary. Fire Safety Day was the result of his hard work to keep Bates students well-informed about the dangers of fire.

During the day, drawstring bags that read ‘Bates College Safety First’ were handed out along with t-shirts, battery-powered candles (real candles are not allowed in Bates dorm rooms) and other free handouts. The main attraction, however, was, as described by the Bates website, “a live burn demonstration of a simulated fully decorated residence hall room”.

The “simulated dorm room” had a bed, lamp, desk, papers, clothes, and pretty much everything else that’s in a normal dorm room. With a large crowd at a safe distant and firefighters close at hand, the dorm was set on fire and fully ablaze in just a few minutes. The large student crowd oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed as the fake room burned up. Hopefully, the demonstration was a good lesson for all Batesies!

As promised here’s the video of the event that I shot from a short distance away. Until next time…


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