Europe by Rail…

Hey all. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling + sightseeing throughout Europe. Internet access has not been as easy to come by as I thought it might be so I apologize for the lack of updates.

I am currently checking in from Florence, Italy. In the last 13 days I have traveled through 8 countries, spending at least a night in 6 different countries. The journey has taken me through Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Italy. Each has been beautiful in its own special way. Some highlights of the trip: The coast of San Sebastian in the Basque region of Spain, seeing the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa in Paris, touching part of the Berlin Wall while in Germany, and watching the World Cup (U.S.A. v. England) on a big screen in a public square in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2 days my girlfriend and I will travel to northern Italy (Milan), then will trek into southern France, before getting back to Spain for the end of our journey.

The trip has been overwhelming at times (coordinating train travel, booking hostels, finding inexpensive food, etc.), but has been an incredible experience. It is difficult to reflect on it all right now since the trip is still going on, but I will be sure to upload some pictures soon to give you all a better visual guide of everything.

It’s hard to think about school while doing such extensive travel, but Bates is never too far out of mind. None of the travel would be possible without Bates and the opportunities that study abroad has created for me. I am grateful that the college emphasizes studying off campus in another country and that it has helped inspire me to see more of Europe and the world.

More to come soon. Until next time…


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