Study Abroad Academics… DONE!

Hey all. I have now completed the last of my final exams and papers here in Sevilla, Spain. The three exams and the paper (an analysis on how dreams function in contemporary Spanish film) were all fairly straightforward and not terribly difficult. I feel like I really learned a lot from these classes. While I certainly learned the material and how to better understand the Spanish language (all my classes were taught in Spanish), I also learned facts and opinions from a Spanish perspective. This made the learning process more enjoyable because it allowed me to better grasp the culture that dictates the education system.

Now it is time to continue preparing for a journey around Europe with my girlfriend, who finishes her program in southern Spain next week. As we continue to narrow down cities to visit, hostels to stay in, trains to take, etc., I will let you know more details about the trip. As for now, I am going to enjoy this hot sunny weather while it lasts. Until next time…

(Me posing with one of Sevilla’s city bikes!)


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