Hey all. I am back from my trip to Salamanca. It was nice to get out of Sevilla for a few days and shake up my routine a bit. My trip began last Friday morning when I traveled to Córdoba to see my girlfriend. After a wonderful day with her, I boarded a 1:00 AM bus for Madrid. I arrived in Spain’s capital at 5:30 AM, waited a few hours, and then caught a bus to Salamanca where I arrived at 11:00 AM.  Note to potential future study abroad students: traveling in Europe can be done somewhat inexpensively if you are willing to take overnight buses. Once in Salamanca, I met up with a friend and we spent the weekend exploring the city, playing basketball with some local residents, and relaxing in the warm weather.

Salamanca is truly a beautiful city (see pictures below) with a lot to see: The University of Salamanca (oldest university in Spain: 1218), the Plaza Mayor (arguably Spain’s most beautiful plaza), a Romanesque cathedral dating back to the 12th century, and the Casa de las Conchas (House of Shells… 15th century building known for its non-religious architecture).

Salamanca and Sevilla, though a part of the same country, are very different. Salamanca is in western Spain in the autonomous region of Castila and León. Sevilla is in southern Spain in the Andalusian region. The accent, architecture, culture, and weather are all different. This shouldn’t surprise me since the same distinctions exist within the United States (think Maine vs. New Mexico), but I couldn’t help being a little bit taken aback. My friend’s host mom even pointed out my Andalusian-Spanish accent!

Anyway, pictures from Semana Santa will be up soon. Until then, enjoy these pictures from Salamanca. Until next time… Hasta luego:

(View of city from atop the cathedral)

(University of Salamanca)

(Roman bridge with view of the cathedral)

(Plaza Mayor at night)


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