The Time Flies By…

Hey all. Now that the sun has come out and the warm weather is here to stay, I am reminded how my semester abroad is actually beginning to wind down. While I have already spent more than 2 months away from home, a part of me feels like I just got here. I only have 4 weeks of classes left after this week and two weeklong vacations.

Okay, I guess that’s actually a decent amount of time, but this is such an amazing experience and I want to soak up as much as I can before I return home. Not many people get the chance to travel to another country in their life, let alone study in one so I want to take advantage of my time here and truly appreciate it for what it is: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Speaking of taking advantage of opportunities, I have a week long break coming up and am planning on traveling to Salamanca (city in northern Spain) for a few days to visit a fellow Batesie who is studying abroad there. Pictures and stories to be posted after the visit.

In the mean time, I am focusing on my midterm exams (examenes parciales). 3 down and just 1 more to go (tomorrow!). The exams have varied in difficulty but all in all were manageable with some good studying. Most importantly, I feel like I’ve already learned a lot from those classes.

In my spare time I have been exploring new areas of the city (I always seem to find something new) and enjoying city life. Last Wednesday I went to a flemenco show and it was incredible. One woman dancing, two guitarists, four male singers. I still can’t get over how the woman dances the way she does in high heels. Don’t know what flemenco is? Check out the video below. I’ve seen flamenco at this very spot:

I will have much more news to share after this weekend because I can fill you all in on my trip to Salamanca and tell you about Semana Santa (Saint’s Week) and the special celebrations that will occur in Sevilla, which is more or less the capital of Semana Santa. A story for another day.

Until next time… hasta luego…


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