The rain in Spain falls mainly on the… everywhere.

Hey all. Unfortunately the weather in Sevilla continues to be rainy and wet. It has drizzled/rained/poured here on and off nearly every day for the past several weeks. Unofficially, I’ve heard that this is the most rain Sevilla has had in the last 60 years. I play basketball once a week with other students from my program and with local residents of Sevilla and one of the players told me he has lived in the city for 34 years (his entire life) and he has never seen weather this bad. One student I talked with who studied abroad here last semester told me it only rained ONCE in his entire first semester experience.

Everyone in Sevilla, my señora included, keeps apologizing for the terrible weather. Honestly, after living in the Northeast of the United States my whole life, this doesn’t seem like bad winter weather. In fact, even though it has been rainy, the temperatures have been mostly mild and even warm at times. Still, I can’t help but think what I might be missing if the weather were just a bit nicer. Here’s to hoping for sunny days ahead.

Soon I must start thinking about Bates housing and course registration for…gulp… my senior year in college! Exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. More pictures, news, and random ramblings to come. Until next time. Hasta luego…


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