Life in Spain…

Hey all. There’s a lot to fill you in on since my last post so I will just jump right into it…

Last week, I changed from the Advanced Liberal Arts program to the standard Liberal Arts program. The change was not forced, in fact I was discouraged somewhat from making the switch, but I feel it was in my best interests personally and academically. I won’t bore you with the reasons for the change, but I am certainly happy that it is all taken care of now and I can concentrate on my education. My course load is still the same (4 courses) but now I take two ‘cursos extrañeros’ (courses for foreigners) at the University of Sevilla and two classes at the C.I.E.E. study center.

I am taking Contemporary Spanish Film, Contemporary Spanish Literature, Political and Democratic Transition in Spain, and History of Slavery in Latin America. I’ve already begun one book in Spanish, watched several short Spanish films, and learned a lot about the constantly-changing social and political landscape in Spain through the centuries. Even though I’ve only had a few classes I am already enjoying myself and learning a lot. Once I get more settled into this new academic routine I will be sure to fill you in on how everything is progressing.

All is well on the non-academic side of life, too. This past weekend I traveled to Córdoba to visit my girlfriend who is studying abroad in the beautiful Andalusian city. The city is small, but, like many modestly-sized European cities, rich with culture and history. Three highlights from the trip stand out in my mind. First and foremost, getting to see my wonderful girlfriend in the city she currently calls home. Secondly, getting the chance to visit the Cathedral of Córdoba, also known as the Mezquita. Originally constructed as a mosque in the 8th century, it was later transformed into a catholic cathedral and is simply beautiful (see pictures below). The third and final highlight of the trip was seeing a small child dressed up like batman feeding pigeons out of his hand. Don’t believe I saw it? Check out the picture below!

That’s all for now. Picture page to be updated soon. Until next time… Hasta Luego!

The Mezquita:

Batman takes a break from his noble fight against crime to… feed the pigeons?


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