Spanish Graffiti

Hey all. Things are going pretty well in Spain thus far. I made a trip to Madrid this past weekend and am heading to Cordoba on Sunday to see my girlfriend who is studying there. It will be great to see her and should be a very nice visit. I will provide you with a more thorough update of everything in Spain in my next blog, but for now I thought I would share some interesting photos from Spain.

You’ve already seen the historical side of Spain in some of the pictures I’ve posted: Cathedrals, palaces, and monuments, revered for their historical significance and architectural beauty. But there is another side of the art scene in Spain: Graffiti. I find this strange juxtaposition of history and modernity to be really interesting. Some call it street art while others see it as defacement and vandalism. Whatever your view, you can’t deny or ignore it’s place in Spanish society. Check out some of this pictures I snapped in Granada and Sevilla:

Dónde está la llave? Where is the key?


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