M.L.K. Jr. Day at Bates College…

Hey all… 5 days until I leave NY for Sevilla, Spain (by way of London, and then Madrid) for my semester abroad. It occurred to me that I depart on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is a holiday that has particular importance at Bates.

On M.L.K. Jr. Day, or King Day as it is sometimes referred to at Bates, classes are cancelled and the college hosts a series of performances, workshops, seminars, speeches, concerts, and other events in the hopes of fostering appreciation, shared knowledge and community outreach in the spirit of Dr. King’s beliefs.

Each year has a thought-provoking theme that helps to guide all the day’s events. Last year’s theme was ‘Inaugurating Change:  Where Do We Go From Here’, which made sense given the recent election of President Obama and the upcoming inauguration. I blogged about last year’s festivities so if you are interested, check it out here.

This year’s theme is ‘Faith and Ethics in the Public Sphere‘ which sounds really interesting. Professor Barbara Savage of the University of Pennsylvania will be the keynote speaker. Click on the bold text to see a calendar of the day’s events and a list of the workshops. Click here if you are interested in the history of King Day at Bates.

I regret that I won’t be on campus for the holiday this year. The day is one of the best things about Bates. A coming together of students, faculty, staff, guest speakers and professors, and members of the community to discuss the past and present to learn and work towards a positive future.

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