Meteor Shower and the Love of the Outdoors…

Hey all. Hope those of you who live in non-light polluted areas got a chance to see the Meteor Shower early Tuesday morning. The beautiful show in the sky reminded me of how Batesies love the outdoors.

In preparation for the meteor shower, the Bates Outing Club (BOC) sent out an email offering rides to Bates students who wanted to watch the stars from a nearby farm (graciously offered up by a local farmer). 80 students responded to the email, an overwhelming number that the Outing Club was not prepared to accommodate.

I personally decided to watch the show from the Bates football field which turned out to be a great location. My girlfriend and I met up around 1:45 AM and set up a blanket near the 20-yard line and watched the meteors streak across the sky with dozens of other Batesies. It was beautiful.

I think it says a lot about Bates’ love for the outdoors that such a large proportion of the student body was willing to wake up in the middle of the night to brave the cold temperatures and watch the meteor shower. Amazing. Harvest Dinner is tonight… pictures to follow. Until next time…



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