Clam Bake and Common Ground Fair!

Hey all. As promised, here is a longer blog post to catch you up on all things Bates. I’ve finally uploaded pictures from my camera on to my computer so you can actually have a visual image of what I’m writing about. Okay, let’s get down to business:

Last Saturday was the annual fall Clam Bake at Popham Beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it seemed like half of Bates was there (Bates offered a free bus though many Batsies drove separately). My friends and I all enjoyed the great weather but I know what you’re all really wondering: how was the food? I mean, let’s be real here, the Clam Bake is all about the food. This year’s cooking staff (Bates Outing Club members and volunteers) did not disappoint. I stuffed myself with lobster, clams, coleslaw, pasta salad, and cookies (there were also burgers, hot dogs, and other options for non-seafood lovers and vegetarians). I think this picture of me passed out next to my plate pretty much says it all. I’m not proud of the photo but I thought it was important I share it:


Moving on from that rather disturbing image… after working my way through another busy week of class, I was excited that the weekend had rolled around again. Friday was low-key but today some friends and I ventured to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.

The Common Ground Fair is best explained on the event’s website, “[It] allows fairgoers to make connections with a rapidly expanding base of organic farms in the state of Maine. Hundreds of vendors, exhibitors and demonstrators, more than 1,000 volunteers, and tens of thousands of fairgoers will gather to: share knowledge about sustainable living; eat delicious, organic, Maine-grown food; buy and sell beautiful Maine crafts and useful agricultural products; compete in various activities; dance; sing and have a great time.”

I had never been to the fair before (it’s about an hour and a half from campus) but I found it to be a lot of fun. All the food was amazing and I had a great time just walking around and seeing everything the fair had to offer. I was blown away by the number of people there and by the enthusiasm surrounding the event. Check out these pictures I snapped:


DSCN0378(There were dozens of tents like these with countless booths where you could buy crafts or learn about local environmental groups and projects)

DSCN0382(There were plenty of farm animals there!)

DSCN0372(Pork sausage, sea salt, fennel, pepper and onion… all organic)

Until next time…


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