Junior Year is Underway…

Hey all. I apologize for the lack of updates of late. The past week has been incredibly busy but I am now finally settling back into my Bates routine and schedule.

Classes started last Wednesday and I have really been enjoying my four courses. African Slavery in the Americas has already opened my eyes to a lot of interesting information. I’ve obviously learned more about the horrors of the system of slavery but I’ve also come to appreciate the dangers that go along with misrepresenting slavery in historical writing. The idea that giving slaves ‘agency’ ignores or covers up the atrocities of the slave past is something I had never given much thought to until taking this class.

My biology class (Emerging and Re-emerging Infections Across the Globe) has been intriguing as well. As might be expected, we’ve spent a great deal of time discussing H1N1. Even though I am not a “science person” I’ve found learning about the genetic makeup of the flu to be quite fascinating. 

I’ve found Spanish (Gendered Experiences in American Borderlands) to be thought-provoking as well. The class is taught almost exclusively in Spanish and I can already tell that my Spanish proficiency has improved. We are currently examaining U.S.-Mexican border immigration and studying border culture, relations, and perspectives. 

In British History in the Twentieth Century, I’ve come to appreciate Britain’s status as a global empire at the end of the 19th century and how the Boer War (along with several other significant events) influenced a decline in power that affects Britain to this day.

I recap what I’ve learned in the first week not to bore you but to provide you with a personal academic experience from one Batesie (myself) that hopefully shows the varied academic opportunities that this institution offers. 

Outside the classroom, I have added a Physical Education course to my schedule. The course consists of playing basketball twice a week in a relatively relaxed environment. Rather than add pressure to my schedule, I’ve found it to be a good stress-reliever and escape from academia. I am not a great basketball player by any stretch of the imagination but I love playing and I frequent some local courts in the summertime. Hopefully I can improve my skills a bit and surprise a few people when I come home.

This upcoming weekend promises to be jam-packed. The college-wide Clam Bake is this Saturday at Popham Beach (already bought my ticket), Matt and Kim, an indi pop electro group, will be performing at Bates on Friday, and work on the Bates Student (college newspaper) must get completed so the first issue of the year can be out on time. 

More updates soon. Until next time…

Matt and Kim:


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