Back to Bates… Preparation Time

Hey all. Hope summer has been treating you well. I am back from California and am now concentrating on preparing for the upcoming school year. Classes start in less than two weeks (Sept. 9th) and I am heading up to campus on Sept. 6th, leaving me just over a week and a half to organize, arrange, and pack my belongings for the drive up north. 

Packing can be a daunting task in itself and even more difficult if you leave the whole process until the final day. I unfortunately have a tendency of doing just that, and, as a result of these recent and regrettable last-second-packing-marathon experiences, I’ve decided to start packing a little earlier this year. I’ve put together a number of items (blankets, sweatshirts, bedding, etc.) into a small pile in my room. It’s not huge, but it’s a start. Hopefully packing will be more of a gradual buildup than a harrowing adventure as it has been in past years.

Besides packing, I’ve also started to discuss rooming arrangements (items to bring, space constraints, etc.) with my soon-to-be roommate, Dan. We are currently working on acquiring a small refrigerator. 

I’ve also now looked over my class schedule and am considering adding a 5th course. Time at Bates is short and I want to try to take advantage of all the opportunities I have while I am on campus. This concept has only just entered the realm of possibility and is still very much up in the air but I will keep you all posted on this new development. If my courses are manageable and not overly demanding, I will re-access and more seriously think about the 5th course. 

In my next blog I will fill all of you in on my current class schedule and let you know the courses I am taking this fall. Until next time…


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