Last Week of Sophomore Year…

Hey all. Hard to believe it is the last week of short term already. The year has flown by and this final week of classes has really snuck up on me. I will save the ‘end-of-the-school-year reflective blog’ for another day (I will be blogging throughout the summer so stay tuned) but for now will just share some general Bates short term news.

In terms of academics, I have been keeping busy with reading for my short term class (Introduction to Historical Methods). The course has been extremely informative and, as a history major, has taught me a lot about proper research and citation techniques while also providing me with an understanding of the pitfalls that historians must avoid while studying and writing about history.

Outside of the classroom I have filled my days relaxing by the puddle, unwinding at the beach, playing IM flag football, throwing a baseball around, and generally chilling out and reflecting on another great year at Bates.

Read more about some cool short term offerings here.

Until next time… I’ll be enjoying my last week as a college sophomore. 


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