Jazz Band Concert…

Hey all. As some of you readers may know, I play the alto saxophone and am part of the Bates College Jazz Band. We had our second semester concert last night and it was a blast. 

We played songs by Tower of Power, Steely Dan, Pat Methany, Sy Oliver, and more. The concert was free for members of the community and for all Batesie students, faculty, and employees. The band is directed by Tom Snow, a professional jazz pianist and teacher at Bates. He is very easy going, funny, and doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the band members. He guides us in a relaxed way and helps the band become a unified collective while also allowing all individual students to solo and improvise if they want to. 

I had taken private saxophone lessons in high school but hadn’t played in a school band since middle school but Tom took me right in last semester and now I feel like an important member of the group. Music is a great escape from the homework and stress that is inevitable at the college level.

I’m glad Bates has an accepting music scene and that we have the ability to freely share our musical talents with Bates and the local community. Learn more about the Jazz Band here.

Here’s a clip from our concert in the fall. I apologize for the bad quality of the audio. Until next time…


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