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Hey all. My friends have been trying to get me to go to Nezinscot Farm for an early morning breakfast since last year. Unfortunately for them, I enjoy my sleep. Unfortunately for me, I held out until last weekend to go to the Farm and I now regret not going sooner.

Nezinscot is a family-owned and operated organic farm just a short drive away from Bates in Turner, Maine. Nezinscot not only produces all natural meats, cheeses, baked goods, and preservatives, it also is dedicated to environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming practices and to promoting support for locally grown foods.

The farm’s cafe/bakery is Nezinscot’s best feature. You go inside the cafe, order anything on this menu (which is all organic), sit down anywhere, play with the cats and dogs that wander the farm, and then get delivered the delicious wholesome food. 

I now realize what I have been missing out on and have headed to the farm twice in the past two weeks. It’s nice to get off campus once and awhile and enjoy all that Maine has to offer. Check out the Nezinscot website here. Waking up early never tasted so good! Until next time…



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