March Madness…

Hey all. Last week was Bates’ own mini version of March Madness. In the one week period, we had to choose a short term course, classes for next fall, and figure out housing for next year. On top of that I had a 10 page paper due along with all my other work so I apologize for not blogging recently but hopefully you can cut me some slack.

I ended up getting a room in 280 College Street which is the newest dorm on campus and I am really excited about it. In terms of courses:

As a history major, at some point during my Bates career, I am required to take a specific history short term class. This is the time to do it and although some students refer to the course as ‘History Hell’ I am not too worried about it. Most upperclassmen I have talked to who have taken it describe it as very helpful, informative, and not nearly as stressful as the unofficial designation implies. The course is called “Introduction to Historical Methods” and involves working on researching skills and improving general analytical reasoning techniques. It is joint-taught by two history professors and I am looking forward to learning how to refine my ideas for my senior thesis (which seems to be sneaking up on me everyday).

For the fall semester I am taking a history seminar course called “African Slavery in the Americas”, a biology course called “Emerging and Reemerging Infections Across the Globe”, a history course entitled, “Britain in the Twentieth Century”, and a Spanish class which looks at gender roles in South America.

All of these courses should be interesting and I am especially looking forward to the Biology class. I am not much of a science person but the course seemed really cool and I figured I would never have the opportunity to take a class like this again.

In other news, I have been keeping quiet busy outside the academic world. Recently, the intramural ice hockey team I was on won the IM Championship. It was my first IM Championship victory after failing in several sports and I am proud to have won the highly-coveted IM Champion T-Shirt. In keeping with the hockey theme, I went to a Lewiston Maineiacs game (minor league hockey) last weekend which was a blast despite the home team losing and also hit the slopes for another day of great Maine skiing at Sunday River. 

Until next time… enjoy these pictures I snapped while skiing last weekend…




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