Midweek Randomness…

Hey all. I don’t have a main focus for this blog but lots of random stuff to fill you in on so, without further adieu, here we go:

I added a link on the right that’s called ‘Bates Web Media’. The page is filled with pictures from Bates so check it out. It is on the Bates website and is presumably updated at least somewhat frequently. 

Also, in terms of links, I encourage you to check out the blogroll on the right and read other Batsie blogs. I recently added ‘Nora Talks Bates’ and I highly recommend checking out ‘Naima’s Nook’ as Naima tells of her current experience studying abroad in South Africa. 

One other bit of randomness… Bates is hosting the NCAA Skiing Championships at Sunday River (Bethel, ME) and Black Mountain (Rumford, ME) March 11-14. Bates last hosted the event 10 years ago. Read more about it here. That link also provides you with a further link to video previews of both the Alpine and Nordic ski courses created by a Bates senior.

Enjoy! Until next time…


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