Spring Time at Bates!

Hey all. okay… it isn’t actually Spring yet. In fact, it’s only the first week of March but I think I am a little overexcited. Some warm weather has hit campus. Temperatures soared into the mid-50s today.

That might not seem like a reason to throw on flip-flops and go outside in a t-shirt and shorts to you but after many cold winter days it feels downright balmy right now. The windows in my room are wide open letting in the fresh air and mother nature seems to be calling my name telling me to get outside and enjoy the warmth while it’s here. It almost seems like a crime to be on the computer on a day like this. 

If you haven’t picked up on it already, I’m clearly suffering from some cabin fever after being pent up in my room for the last few months.

I’m not trying to scare anyone away from coming to Bates. Winter here can be a bit harsh and long but Batesies embrace winter like no one else. We celebrate winter with Winter Carnival, snowball fights, skiing, the puddle jump, and so much more. Batesies love winter and, as a result, we have a greater appreciation for Spring when it finally does roll around. 

So… pardon me for getting a bit too excited about one warm day but I can’t help it. Short term all the sudden doesn’t feel that far away. Until next time…


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