Got to love this…

Hey all. Taking a quick break from studying to tell you a little something about what makes Bates so great. Every day I get dozens of Bates ‘announce’ emails informing me of upcoming happenings on campus. Today I received one that really caught my eye. The email message was titled, “Darwin’s 200th Birthday Party!” and read:

“You’re Invited to a Celebration of Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday!
And the 150th anniversary of the publication of  “On Origins of Species” Darwin
Come honor the father of evolution’s big day on Thursday at 4:10 pm in Carnegie 204 with 
a viewing of “Biography- Charles Darwin Evolution’s Voice (2005)”. Please join us 
following the film for refreshments, cake, and a game of “pin the beak on the finch”. All 
guests will be entered into a raffle for a life size poster of Darwin.”

This event, which is hosted by Helicase, the Bates Biology Club, sounds like the perfect mix of learning and fun. The idea of playing ‘pin the beak on the finch’ also really appeals to me. Only at Bates would one find an event like this that incorporates education with entertainment and good times. I’m still debating whether I will go because of the work I have to do but if I do attend I sure hope I win the life size poster of Darwin. Until next time…



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