Study Abroad… Already.

Hey all. Last night there was a meeting for sophomores interested in studying off-campus next year. The idea of working/living/learning abroad has always appealed to me so naturally I was excited for it. Though the meeting was fairly basic: Information presented on a powerpoint, seniors sharing their experiences from abroad, and a Q+A session, I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed.

A huge group of sophomores packed into the room in Chase Hall for the meeting (this was just for the 1st session… there were 2 identical sessions to accommodate for everyone’s schedules) and just seeing the sheer number of students interested in studying abroad was a bit imitating… though also a good sign that off-campus study is appealing. I think what freaked me out the most, but also got me the most excited, was the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new and different while possibly thousands of miles away from family + friends. Oh and did I mention you have to declare your major before you can sign up to go abroad?

Clearly I have some mixed emotions about this but in the end I know studying abroad would be amazing. For now I will take things one step at a time… to learn more about Bates study abroad click here. Until next time…


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