A View OF Page…?

Hey all. I am back on campus and could blog about almost anything: New classes, new people, new schedule, etc. I will save those topics for another day (though so far everything has been great). Instead I want to write about my blog name dilemma.

‘A View from Page’ made a lot of sense as a title for this blog last year seeing as I lived in Page Hall and, as the name suggests, I had a good view. Now I live across the puddle in Adams and for the past couple of days have been brainstorming new blog titles. Many ideas have been tossed around including ‘A View from Adams’ (not very original I know) and, as suggested by my roommate, ‘A View of Page’ (only slightly more clever). After much discussion, I have decided to keep the name of the blog the same (for now). I know I don’t live in Page anymore but I look at the title in a more figurative way. This blog represents my view of things on campus and changing dorms doesn’t change that.

Anyway, I suppose I just blogged about this to avoid writing the classic ‘back to school’ blog. I promise next post I will let you know about all my classes and about everything going on around campus. In the mean time, check out this picture taken from outside my dorm room window. Now I am on the opposite side of the puddle. You can actually see my freshmen room in this picture. Also, you may notice that the top image header is cropped from this photo. Even though I didn’t change the name of the blog I decided to change the picture. Until next time…


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