Back in NY (For Good)

Hey all. I am back from a summer in Maine. I should now be back on a regular blogging schedule so make sure to stay tuned. The 8 weeks I spent at Winona were probably the best of my life. The campers I worked with were all funny and nice, the staff (which was comprised of first-year counselors and staff that I have known for years) was incredible, and the experiences I had were truly amazing.

Winona was similar to Bates in that the people I met and know there are genuine, welcoming, and kind. Winona and Bates both gave me the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and for that I am truly grateful. There were campers and staff from all over the U.S. and from Italy, Egypt, England, Australia, Wales, and Ireland just to name a few. 

Being back home is still setting in. I can’t believe I will be heading up to Bates in a few short weeks. Check for more posts and post updates tomorrow!


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