Beautiful Bates

Hey all. My friend Matt took some photos of campus the other day that I want to share with you. Although today is a bit rainy, the day the pictures were taken was a glorious day at Bates – sunny and warm with a slight breeze. I will post a few of the photos here but make sure you check out the new Bates picture page which has even more photos. 

In other news… short term continues to be beyond excellent. Everyone has been enjoying the wonderful weather and been frolicking in the great outdoors. In the past couple days I have read from a book titled Africanisms in American Culture, watched an outdoor concert by two of Bates’ a cappela groups (the Crosstones + the Manic Optimists), played intramureal flag football, gone to Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Freeport, and celebrated my friend Alex’s birthday by going out for dinner with a group of 13 other Batesies.

Short term continues to be the perfect combination of work, fun, and relaxation. Until next time… 


(The Chapel on campus)

(Me playing some baseball on the quad)

(A view at sunset from the summit of Mt. David)

(Special thanks again to Matt Moschitto for the great photos!)


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