First day of short term…

I had my first day of short term yesterday and it was awesome. My class only met from 1-3 yesterday so I started off the day by sleeping in. It was so nice to wake up on my own on a school day without the use of an alarm clock. I woke feeling very refreshed and excited for the day. After grabbing a bite to eat at commons I headed over to class with a friend. The first class period was mainly an introduction to the course. We went over material we will be learning in the upcoming weeks, expectations for the class, and due dates for assignments. I now know that I will have to read five books and write five 2-3 page papers over short term in addition to other assignments and a final essay. Seeing as you only take one class during short term, this seems fairly reasonable. I should have plenty of time to get all my work done. I have a lot of freedom in terms of writing on subjects and themes that I find interesting. Also I can hand in the five papers whenever I want as long as I hand in all five at the end of short term.

After the introductory class (which let out early) I headed over to the quad to enjoy the beautiful warm and sunny weather. I threw a baseball around with some friends, and played frisbee and soccer for a while. It seemed as if the entire student body was outside enjoying the weather. People were playing tons of different sports, fiddling around with instruments, and just lounging around taking in some sun. The first day of short term was truly excellent. I am looking forward to learning more in my short term class and to enjoying more of this beautiful weather.

For more information on my short term you can check out my blog about it. If you want to learn about short term in general click here


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