Short term…

Hey all. I finally figured out what short term I will be participating in this spring. As you may remember from my ‘signing up for classes’ blog, I didn’t get into my first choice for short term but I just signed up for a course called ‘In the Presence of the Ancestor’. It is a course in the English Department and focuses on the importance of ancestry and how it affects the past, present, and future. More specifically, the course concentrates on African-American literature. We will be getting a better idea of the significance of ancestry by looking at work by famous authors such as Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, Gloria Naylor, David Bradley, and John Edgar Weidman.

The great thing about short term is that it allows you to really expand your horizons. I am not going to major or minor in English but because Bates’ offers this unique program I can try new courses that I never would have imagined taking. Who knows how the course will work out for me but I am excited about trying something out of my comfort zone and learning material that is completely new to me.   


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